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Welcome to Arcadia 2016 - Red Group

Frosh transition

Jennifer Dukelow

on 8 August 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to Arcadia 2016 - Red Group

Welcome to Arcadia High School
Welcome New Titans! Here are some things you will need to know:
Now it's time for
an ice breaker!
High School Expectations
Come to school everyday and be on time to every class
Do your homework!
Get involved
(clubs, sports, drama, band...there are tons of choices!)
Be proactive
Use your planner to stay organized
Follow the electronics policy
Follow the dress code
Treat the other students and the
teachers with respect
You may only be freshmen,
but you need to be thinking
about graduation already!

Turn to page 7 in your planner
Use StudentVUE!

Log in everyday
Check for announcements, homework assignments, test reviews/reminders,
and your grades!
Bell Schedule:

Classes start at 7:45

Passing periods are 6 minutes long...there is a one minute warning bell and then the late bell

Lunch is after 4th period
Planners (after page 16, look at the Planner User Guide)
A few last things...
Find your locker and all your classrooms

You will go with your Dynamic Duo partner

You must be back here by 9:30

Here are some tips:
In the 6000 building, rooms
that start with 61 are downstairs
(like 6139) and rooms that start
with 62 are upstairs (like 6259).
In the 2000 and 5000 buildings,
it goes by the last two numbers.
In general, rooms that end in a
number greater than 20 are
upstairs (like 2350), and rooms
that end in a number less than
20 are downstairs (like 5604).
In general, science and
math are downstairs,
and English and social
studies are upstairs.
The East building is the
5000/6000 building. That building
has the Science, Social Studies,
Math, and Foreign Language
The West building is the 2000
building. That building has the
Fine Arts, Computers, and
Media classrooms.
The PE classes are in the
gym, which is at the South
end of campus. The
cafeteria is next to the gym.
The office, bookstore, and
library are at the North end
of campus.
Lunch procedures
Your Assignment
FAST: M - Th, 2:30 - 3:30
in the library
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