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ASL,SEE sign, and the Difference

School project; 6th grade AO

Mary Terao

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of ASL,SEE sign, and the Difference

A.S.L., S.E.E., and the
Difference By : Mary Terao
with interviews
with My Dad
My Mom
and My Grandma A.S.L. means A.S.L. American
Language My dad believes that A.S.L.
is quick while S.E.E. and English is slow and boring. A.S.L. is like a picture --> or a short sentence. S.E.E. is a long sentence. My Dad If I wanted to say, "The sky is blue." in A.S.L.,
I would sign,"Blue sky." To many deaf people who sign A.S.L. would understand. While to people who sign S.E.E. would not understand. S.E.E. means
English S.E.E. "A.S.L. is used with expression." My Mom signs.
"A.S.L. also takes long sentences and makes them smaller." If a person signs a question in A.S.L., their eyebrows would raise and their eyes would widen. Plus like before, the sentence would shorten. My Mom A.S.L. and S.E.E.
History Did you know A.S.L. was really F.S.L.(French Sign Language) just Americanized? Rainbow Dash
says it's time for a
Quiz! The "Hammer" is a wrestler that
is really a deaf wrestler. He is
kind of not deaf though. He can hear
just a little. Just enough to learn how
to say words. My Grandma There are many deaf people out
there. There are also many deaf
heroes out there, too. Matt Hamill LeRoy Colombo "S.E.E. copies English. In the hearing world, people speak English. S.E.E. helps deaf people to communicate in the hearing world. Sign is music for the eyes." My grandma teaches me S.E.E. and all about it. What does F.S.L. mean? Can anybody
sign blue sky? Who said ,"Sign is
music to the eyes?" Did you get all questions right?
Did you get an A+ on the quiz? Thanks for
listening! YES YOU DiD!! Bibliography:
The movie:
"The Hammer"
My Mom
My Dad
My Grandma
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