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Rizal Goes Back to Hongkong

No description

flordeliza waay

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of Rizal Goes Back to Hongkong

Rizal Goes Back to Hongkong
October 18, 1891

Rizal left Ghent for Marseilles
where he boarded S.S. Melbourne.
Life in Hongkong
November 1891 - Filipino residents give Rizal a warm welcom especially to his friend Jose M. Basa.
Reason Why Rizal left Europe
The differences in political persuasion with Marcelo H. del Pilar.
Filipinos in Spain and his desire to lead the Propaganda Movement.
Dr. Lorenzo M. Marquez
A portuguese Ophthalmologist who had an extensive training and experience in this field of medical science dealing with disease of the eye.
From Paris, sent him a congratulatory note accompanied by book on Diagnostic Pathology.
Dr. Ariston Bautista Lin
A kind-hearted man offered him his services for the purchase of medical books, equipment and instruments which he might need in the practice of his medical profession.
Dr. Antonio Vergel de Dios
From Biarritz
Adelina's father sent him a letter on March 21, 1892, praising him for practicing his medical profession.
Mr. Edward Boustead
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