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My state project on Louisiana for Geography.

Bailey Kuhlmann

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Louisiana

Louisiana Map of Louisiana Movement of Louisiana Human Characteristics Physical Characteristics Relative Location
East of Texas
West of Mississippi
South of Arkansas
North of the Gulf of Mexico
Absolute location:
From 29 degrees north to 33 degrees north.
and 89 degrees west to 94 degrees west. Location By: Bailey Kuhlmann Louisiana Settled by Native Americans, Spanish French
Allowed Slavery
249,003 people moved to Louisiana over the time period of 1960 - 2000 African American, French, German, Irish, and English Ancestry
Top three churches are the Roman Catholic Church, Southern Baptist Convention, and the United Methodist Church
Over 9,000 Soldiers in the Louisiana National Guard
Contains marshes, swamps and wetlands
Prairies and woodlands
Humid subtropical climate
Long, hot summers
Mild, short winters.
Louisiana is effected by Tornadoes and hurricanes Region The South Human Environment Interaction 22 States parks
17 State historical site
One state preservation area
Louisiana State Arboretum
Six national parks
Kisatchie National Forest is Louisiana's only national forest. Kisatchie National Forest Louisiana National Guard
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