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D.I.Y Confinement Meal

No description

Nur Izni Mohamad Salleh

on 30 June 2015

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Transcript of D.I.Y Confinement Meal

SFH Resources
Objective ...
To provide meal for mom during confinement period
Action Plan...

Baby Center, which is provide a to z confinement services for baby and mother.

Promo Price
RM19.90 / set
GST included
Our Product
1. Herbs Food (Ginger, Anchovies)
DIY preparation

2. Turmeric Drink

Motto ...
'Healthy Food, SUPERB mom'

- Offer D.I.Y Food Preparation
- HALAL food
- Appropriate for all
- Easy like 1,2,3
- Fresh and Healthy Ingredients


1. Save Time & Easy like 123
2. Healthy & Fresh Ingredients
3. Reasonable Price
4. HALAL foods

3. Strenght

- Busy / Working Mother
- Confinement Center
- Mother Care
- Healthy person
- Demography *( Bangi / Putrajaya)
- Healthy Person

* Busy Town ship ( Education Center,
Government Central, Industrial Park)

4.Target Customer

Promotion - Social Media ( FB, IG)*
- Pamphlet
- Youtube (Video)
- Testimonial
- Sample

* The most popular apps choosen by people nowadays
5. Marketing Tools
D.I.Y Confinement Meal
Presented by :
Rathi Devi
Nurfatein Syafika
Wan Noraida
Nur Izni
Siti Salizahwati
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