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Five Nights At Freddys Based On Real Event?

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Bradley Jarrett

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Five Nights At Freddys Based On Real Event?

Five Nights At Freddy's Based On Real Event?
My thesis is that the indie game Five Nights at Freddys is based on an event that has actually happened.
What is the game?
In the game you play as a night guard named Mike Shmidt whos job it is to look after the animatronics to make sure they do not cause trouble in the pizzaria during the hours of the night.
How does any of this relate to real life?
It's quite obvious that the game takes place
in a similar setting to a Chuck E. Cheese sort of restaraunt. If that isn't the only relationship
between the two, the restaraunt in the game also has animatronics, and sells pizza as its primary food. The restaruant is meant for kids, similar to Chuck E. Cheese, and even has arcades (Second game).
What Is The Actual Event?
In 1993, it was 10pm on a Tuesday night, at a local Chuck E. Cheese, after a long family birthday party. Manager Marge Kohlberg, age 50, teenage enployees Colleen O'Connor, 17, Benjamin Grant, 17, Sylvia Crowell, 19, and Bobby Stevens, 46, were forced to stay overtime. They all worked, not knowing what was going to happen, there was a 6th person locked in with them.
Nathan Dunlap
19 year old Nathan Dunlap was hiding in the darkened restrooms. Earlier that year Nathan had started working at the restaraunt as a cook, before getting fired in July after a disagreement over his hours. Now 5 months later, he's back. At 10:05 he left the bathrooms.
The Killings
First Nathan had gone over to the arcade section with his gun, and shot Sylvia, Colleen, and Benjamin dead. He then entered the kitchen. As soon as Nathan caught eye of Bobby, he shot him in his jaw. Nathan left the room going to the managers office, not knowing that Bobby had survived the shot to his jaw. He played limp so the killer wouldn't come back to finish the job. He layed on the ground for a while. Nathan entered the office and quickly shot Marge right through the head. Even though none of this is told to happen in the actual game, there is a similar story hidden deep. Only an observant player
would ever find it.
The Games Story
Scattered around the building are what seems to be newspaper clippings from previous events. If you take a picture of them, then zoom up the picture, or just have a very good eye, you can read these. They say that five children have been killed by a fired enployee dressed as Freddy Fazbear. The children were never found, but customers were complaing about blood and mucus coming from the 4 main animatronics. Someone even refers to them as "Reanimated corpes". This leaves players to assume that the 5 children were stuffed into the suits, so they wouldn't be found to search for who
the killer might be.
The 5th Child
If there are only 4 animatronics, and there are 5 children, where is the 5th one? Well in the game there is a secret 5th animatronic. This animatronic was given the name "Golden Freddy" by the Five Nights At Freddy's community. This name was given because the suit represents a yellow Freddy Fazbear. To find this animatronic. You must repeat to look at camera 4A until the poster of Freddy Fazbear changes to a close up of a yellow Freddy Fazbear face.
Animatronics Representing Humans
Now in my opinion each animatronic represents
one of the workers killed that night. You will need to know the names of the animatronics though. There is Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, Foxy the Pirate Fox, and Freddy Fazbear. I think that Bonnie is meant to represent Sylvia, I think this because in the game Bonnie will go into the supply closet from time to time. Sylvia was also just coming out of the supply closet when Nathan came out. Chica the Chicken would represent Colleen because Colleen was in charge of making sure dishes were clean and other types of kitchen jobs. In the game Chica goes into the kitchen, but since the kitchen camera is audio only, we can only hear Chica making loud noises with plates and pans in there. Foxy would represent Ben because Foxy is the only one who really seems agressive since he runs at you while all of the others slowly make there way to you. Ben had been in a fight with his parents the day before, and most people think of agressive actions when they hear fight. And finally I think Freddy would represent Marge because she is the manager and Freddy seems to be the main guy of the place, similar to how a manager is the boss.
More on "Golden Freddy"
Now I think that Golden Freddy is meant to represent
Bobby. They are both the odd one out of the group. In the actual event, Bobby was the only one who survived the attack, and in the game, Golden Freddy seems to kill you in a much different way. Instead of sending you to the normal Game Over screen after being killed, instead your game crashes. Also when Golden Freddy is in your office ->
he sits there motionless, no
endoskeleton, no anything. The
suit just sits there. Then after a
few seconds your came crashes.
But wait. It seems the suit is limp,
similar to how Bobby was limp
when he was shot. Also the only
camera that you can't see is the
kitchen. Golden Freddy might be
in there, playing dead just like ->
Bobby was. These are just some of the similarities that the two have. But even all of this evidence isn't enough to prove that the game is based off a real event... but now we have the second Five Nights At Freddy's to look at. This one ties the story together
even better.
What Year Did Five Nights At Freddy's Take Place?
Using the amount of money you earn after the 5 days we can determine what year the game takes place. Each night you are working a 6 hour shift, 12am to 6am, and you are spending 5 nights there. So that's 30 hours of working. In total that's only $4.00 an hour. But they can't do that because that's below minimum wage, at $7.25 and hour... for 2014 when the game was released. But in 1990 the minimum wage was $3.80. In 1991 it was raised to $4.25, and in 1996 it was raised to $5.00. So the game seems to take place between 1991, and 1996 (Plus taxes). The Nathan Dunlap story took place in 1993. So we can assume the game takes place in 1993.
Five Nights At Freddy's 2
In Five Nights At Freddy's there are two bonus nights, similar to the first game. In the first game though, the 6th and 7th nights did not have a phone call. Through out the nights there are phone calls to help you through the game. But on the 6th night, the guy who is your guard sounds scared. He says the building is on lockdown. He says someone used a yellow suit, he called it a spare. The only suit that is yellow is Golden Freddy. We knew that the killer used a Freddy Fazbear suit, but we didn't know if it was golden or not. The phone guy says that
the building is on lockdown because of
some sort of event.
Bite of '87
In Five Nights At Freddy's 1 on night 1
the phone guy mentions an event he calls
"Th Bite Of '87". He says one of the animatronics had bit someone. This doesn't have much to do with the story but it helps us determine the time he second game takes place. Since the phone guy refers to the event in past tense, we know that it had already happened. In the second game, on the night 6 phone call phone guy says "We have 1 more event scheduled for tomorrow, a birthday party. Wear your uniform, and stay close to the animatronics, and make sure they don't hurt anybody." Now since the bite of '87 didn't happen yet, we can assume that the night guard was the victom since he was
closest to them all.
More Evidence For A Prequel
Since we determined the date of the first games setting that means that since the date on the check says 1987, that is more evidence that the game is a prequel. Also on the night 4 phone call in Five Nights At Freddy's the phone guy is killed by the animatronics, but is alive and healthy in the second game. One more big factor is that the animatronics can move around during the day during the events of FNAF2, but phone guy says in night 1s pgone call in FNAF "They used to be able to walk around during the day... but then
there was the bite of '87".
Death Minigames
Sometimes when you die in FNAF2 you will go to a minigame where you play as an animatronic and have to complete a goal. These minigames seem to show passed events. One of the minigames you are required to give cake to 4 dead children. Most likely the same dead 4 children from the first games events. After you give cake you must give life to the same children. Each child turns into an animatronic head. Even more evidence that the children were stuffed into the suits, and that each victom from the actual story represent an animatronic from the game. After you finally give life to the last child Golden Freddy jumpscares you. But just before the jumpscare, for only 1 short frame, the 5th child is dead in the middle of the room. Once again, the odd one out. This is the one we assume to be Bobby, since it is out of the group (In the middle.), and since we grouped Bobby with Golden Freddy, the Golden Freddy jumpscare makes even more sense.
The Chase
One of the minigames is titled "The Chase"
In the game files. In this game you are chasing
a new enemy, named the marionette. On a very very very rare occasion, you will run into this purple man. This purple man appears in many minigames. In each one, he seems to be killing a child or an animatronic. In the chase minigame he seems to use some sort of weapon on Freddy to shut him down. This might be so he can get to the children easier.
On another minigame, he is watching Foxy cheer up kids, but as you go out one more time, you see every child is dead. On the final minigame you see the purple guy kill a kid that is stuck outside, and leaves him there. This is most likely so the restartaunt gets shut down for having a dead child by the place. It seems like something someone who wants revenge on the place. Nathan Dunlap
wanted revenge for getting fired.
At last I can finally conclude my
thesis. These are most of the reasons of why I believe the game Five Nights At Freddy's is based on a real event.

To sum it up
Nathan gets fired
Nathan kills for revenge
Killer gets fired
Killer kills for revenge
Animatronics represent victoms
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