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RCHS Boyne/Charlx Prezi

Revised "friends" version

Deborah Gagnon

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of RCHS Boyne/Charlx Prezi

“...above all, the necessity to
‘preserve the great patrimony’
of America’s Catholic Elementary
and High Schools…” YES Deborah Gagnon, Committee Co-Chair - St. Francis Xavier
Jeff Bacigalupi, Committee Co-Chair - St. Francis Xavier
Doug Buday - Charlevoix St. Mary
Ann Carolan - St. Francis Xavier
Laurie Cesario - Holy Childhood of Jesus
Elizabeth Gengle - St. Francis Xavier
Jim Jeakle - Charlevoix St. Mary
Doug Kendziorski - Cross in the Woods
Heidi Kendziorski - Cross in the Woods
Marie Law - St. Francis Xavier
Mary Moore - Cross in the Woods
Maartje Nolan - Holy Childhood of Jesus
Jill Rogala - St. Mary/St. Charles A Critical Mission Why are we here? Presented by the
Regional Catholic
High School Committee Our Vocation
Market Analysis
The Dream
Financial Models
Message from Bishop Hebda Regional Catholic High School Committee “Catholic schools are a vital part of the teaching mission of the Church... *To Bishops of the United States on their visit to ‘ad limina Apostolorum’ **(United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Renewing Our commitment to Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools in the Third Millennium, 15) To fulfill the mission of the Catholic Church by fortifying a faith culture for our children OUR VOCATION Graduates from Catholic Schools are
notably different from Catholic children
not in parochial schools... 4 WAYS Fidelity to
Sunday Mass &
Keener Sense of
Prayer Maintain Pro-Life Attitudes Especially on the Pivotal Topic of Abortion Personal Consideration
of A Religious Vocation Continued support for the local church and community, both financially and through service projects, for the balance of their adult lives MARKET ANALYSIS A thorough initial assessment of:
Can the region support a high school?
Does the community want a high school?
What are our options?
What are the costs to construct the facility?
What are the costs to sustain the facility? WHAT THIS IS... WHAT THIS IS NOT... A fundraising survey related to the capital campaign SS TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS Site Visits SCOPE OF WORK St. Mary/St. Charles, Cheboygan
St. Anthony, Mackinaw City
Cross in the Woods, Indian River
Holy Childhood of Jesus, Harbor Springs
St. Francis Xavier, Petoskey
St. Mary, Charlevoix
Boyne Valley Catholic Community
Area Home School Families SURVEY RESULTS 132 Responding Families In light of today’s culture, do you feel a Catholic education would be beneficial to your child/children? Please rank the importance of the following benefits of a Catholic High School education to you: Morals, Values &
Ethics Training Academics 83% 94% Extremely Important Extremely Important 81% OVERVIEW: THE DREAM WISH LIST LANGUAGE Latin, Spanish, Mandarin
Language Immersion TECHNOLOGY Interactive White Boards, iPads/Tablets, Learning Software SPIRITUAL
La Crosse
& DANCE ROOF-TOP "GARDEN" For Events and Classroom Learning ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY CAMPUS Solar, Geothermal, Natural Light, and
Recycled Materials for Learning and
Responsible Sustainability WHY THIS IS FEASIBLE... Favorable Faith Demographics
A Growing Desire for What Government Schools Cannot Offer
Uniquely Generous Communities
Increase in Regional Job Growth
Catholic School Enrollment Up in Region
Community of Educated Families
Only Regional Catholic High School Option FINANCIAL MODEL ...are an essential resource for the
new evangelization. Pope Benedict XVI Strives for excellence in all areas: Spiritual, Academic, Athletic... Serves as a role model for other Catholic and community schools Develops students’ base of knowledge and communication and critical thinking skills in tandem with an appreciation for the fine and creative arts Interdisciplinary across subject matter Attract & retain top-notch Catholic personnel who seek to live lives of heroic virtue Integrates our Catholic faith across all subject areas Cultivates the theological and human virtues in students, teachers, staff, and families Stands ready to serve all of the surrounding communities FINANCIAL MODEL Total Population by County Affiliated With The Catholic Church Emmet




16,573 Emmet


Cheboygan 46%


44.6% 2010 Census Association of Religious Data Archives 2010 FINANCIAL MODEL DEMOGRAPHICS Emmet ranks 5th in population growth over the past two decades
Charlevoix ranks 24th in population growth over the past two decades Population Growth: Per Capita Income: Emmet ranks 7th in per capita income
Charlevoix ranks 10th in per capita income Out of 83 Counties in the State of Michigan FINANCIAL MODEL ENROLLMENT Current Regional Student
Population Grades 9-12 3,952 Petoskey, Harbor Springs, Boyne City, East Jordan, Charlevoix, Pellston, Cheboygan and Inland Lakes  Traverse City:
Regional Catholic HS: Catholic Student Population Over Total Regional High School Population 8.5%
5.6% Capital model utilizes multiple construction cost sources:
Clark Construction, Reed Construction Data and Comstock Construction
Operating model base-lined against existing Catholic schools
Dynamic model with scenarios and fully clearing balance sheet and cash flow FINANCIAL MODEL METHODOLOGY FINANCIAL MODEL METHODOLOGY CAPITAL (ANNUAL BUDGET) Utilizes multiple construction cost sources: Clark Construction, Reed Construction Data and Comstock Construction Base-lined against existing Catholic schools
Dynamic model with scenarios and fully clearing balance sheet and cash flow FINANCIAL MODEL BUILDING OPTIONS Add to Existing Site vs. New Site 7-12 Catholic School Campus New Addition on St. Francis Xavier Property, Petoskey Requires Building of a Parking Structure Proximity to Catholic Church $13.0 Million 7-12 Catholic School Campus Within 3 Mile Radius of US31/ US131 Intersection Requires Land Acquisition Room for Parking Lot $11.7 Million Greater Regional Feel and Acceptance Independent Fundraising Feasibility Study CAPITAL CAMPAIGN ANGELS
GIVING SOCIETIES Estimated to be $3,500 to $5,000/student Dependent on: (CONSTRUCTION BUDGET) OPERATIONS John and Marnie Demmer Wellness Pavilion and Dialysis Center
Holy Childhood of Jesus Parish Center
North Central Michigan College Health Education & Science Center
Bay Harbor Yacht Club / Lange Center Successful Area Fundraising $4–10 Million Each Almost completely paid for by fundraising campaigns IDEAL TIME LINE Develop Charter
Develop Marketing & Enrollment Plan
Site Selection
Initial Architectural Drawings
Fundraising Begins 9th Grade Opens In Existing St. Francis Xavier Facility
Fundraising Continues
Finalize Architectural Drawings
Select Contractor 9th & 10th Grades Offered In Existing St. Francis Xavier Facility
Construction Begins
Projected Opening of New Facility 7th-11th Grades Move Into New Facility Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 “Strong Catholic schools strengthen all other programs of evangelization, service, catechesis and sanctification.” *America - The National Catholic Weekly, September 13, 2010 Cardinal Dolan “Catholic schools deserve the support of our whole Catholic community because they belong to and serve all of us — whether our parish has a school or not. They’re a guarantee of our future as a believing people.” *Archbishop Charles Chaput - Statement first appeared in Our Sunday Visitor Pope Benedict and Church leaders across the country are asking Catholics to specifically support Catholic schools.They are entrusting us with the future of the Catholic Church. "We Catholics have known this for years: -Archbishop Dolan
Keeping the Faith, Monday, April 23rd, 2012 CATHOLIC RESILIENT RESOURCEFUL It all starts NOW. Football
Art AP CURRICULUM they persevere in the faith at higher rates, than those not in a Catholic school.” there is no more tried-and-true way of passing on our Catholic faith to our kids than by sacrificing to put them in a Catholic school. Data proves... pray better, are more faithful to Sunday Mass, live gospel values, are more generous to their parish, even have happier marriages, volunteer more, and transmit the faith to their own children, RegionalCatholicHighSchool.com RegionalCatholicHighSchool.com Legal Counselors Academic Educators High School Youth Minister Marketing Technological Financial Compiling Market Analysis Understanding Regional Demographics & Existing Options Building of Financial Models Professional Consultations Parent Surveys 32,694


26,152 1970 Census Area & Catholic Schools Compared to State Average Rotating visits from regional Religious
Regular Mass & Adoration
Morals, Values & Ethics Training Q&A Pope Benedict XVI We are in the midst of an educational emergency. —Pope Benedict XVI High School Youth Minister ELIZABETH GENGLE BISHOP
HEBDA In the words of As we begin the Year of Faith, it is with great pleasure that I voice my support for the continued exploration of this exciting possibility. Later today Deborah and Jeff will be asking you to sign a statement of support in favor of this critical mission to reopen the Catholic High School in your region. The impressive and thorough work already accomplished by this committee gives me great hope and confidence in its success moving forward. If you are supportive of this initiative, I would be grateful if you would let me hear from you. –Bishop Hebda seems very much in harmony with the goal of the universal Church to strengthen the faith foundation of our next generation, empowering our children to embrace Christ and His Church and to respond more effectively to Pope Benedict XVI’s call for a New Evangelization. The grassroots effort to reopen the Catholic High School in your region... High School Youth Minister ELIZABETH GENGLE "7th Inning Stretch" LAURIE CESARIO Integrate Faith Across All Subject Areas
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