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A Single Shard Book Review

No description

Kellan Dietrich

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of A Single Shard Book Review

A Single Shard Theme 1 Theme 2 The first theme of A Single Shard is: never give up. That applies to the part when Tree-ear was ambushed by theives. It also applies to when the emissary's assisstant yelled at Tree-ear. As both of those conclude to, Tree-ear never gave up to give potter Min a commission. Theme two was to be brave in the toughest of times. As well as Theme 1, it applies to both of the conflicts in that theme. By: Kellan Dietrich Characters As This picture shows a young boy feeding off the ground, it very well relates to Tree-ear scrounging the fields for fallen grains of rice or going for that annuel "dumpster dive" in the village rubbish heaps. Tree-ear Crane-man Crane-man is an old man likewise to this old man. As you see, this man looks as if he can't do much of anything anymore. He relates to Crane-man being old and wise as he looks in this picture. Min This picture is actually from a Korean book. The title is "The Old Potter". As how it relates to Min, it should very well resemble him. By the look on the man's face, it's as if he is very impatient, just like Min when Tree-ear makes mastakes. Ajima In this picture, this lady looks like a fun-loving person, just like Ajima. She also looks like someone who could raise someone like Tree-ear into a family of potters. Mood The mood of the book made me feel as if it were happening right then and there. The mood was compelling to how the characters were formed. As how it made me feel, it was like watching it all go down when Tree-ear was mad that Crane-man died; I felt sorry for Tree-ear. Setting The setting was very well chosen to fit the mood and the characters. Although it was iffy in some parts, overall, it was very good.
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