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No description

Shir Uzrad

on 4 March 2012

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Transcript of shir

Privacy is Dead Do you want companies
peeping into your shopping cart? Who knows where you are right now? Disclosing your interests and hobbies Sharing information on social networking sites Sale to third parties

Target advertising

New products development How the information is being used? Awareness: Think about the information you disclose

Ask yourself: is this new service worth the trade off?

Privacy policies / Privacy setting Protecting your privacy http://bit.ly/7R9JI3 Yahoo! Ad Interest Manager Google Ads Preferences http://bit.ly/dkSzFL (1) Content = search warrant

(2) Non-content records = court orders

(3) Basic subscriber information = subpoena Access by the government Three degrees of legal protection depending on the importance of the privacy interest involved: Facebook’s Instant Personalization http://bit.ly/bqU90D
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