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peter walder

on 4 March 2012

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Transcript of title

Innovation: Applications to Sport and Exercise
66-6914-00L Aim and Rationale What is the aim and rationale of the module?
How does the module relate to modules undertaken previously? What is the module name and number?
Which courses can take the module?
How many credits is the module worth?
Is the module taught over one or two semesters? Introduction Learning and Teaching Strategies How is the module organised in terms of lectures, workshops, seminars, tutorials labs etc?
How frequently do the taught sessions run and over how many weeks?
What are the expectations regarding study outside of the contact sessions?
How is Blackboard used in the module?
What support learning resources are available? Content What is the content of the module?
What kind of learning activities will take place in the module? Assessment How is the module assessed?
How many assessment tasks are there?
How is the final mark calculated?
Are all tasks equally weighted?
What type of referral assessment is associated with the module? Conclusion How does the module contribute to the overall year average/degree classification?
How does the module relate to future modules?
How does the module relate to potential further study opportunities?
How does the module contribute to potential career/employability opportunities?
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