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Children at home (Safety presentaion)

No description

Batool Ahmad

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Children at home (Safety presentaion)

Where there are children, there is a risk!
So we will make Risk Management to reduce the risk rank as we can (for ex: at home)

Children at home
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Smiley group
1- Asmaa Ismail
2- Asmaa Yaseen
3- Aya Gamal
4- Basma Hassan
5- Batool Ahmad
6- Esraa Mahmood
7- Sara Ismail
8- Sara Hesham
Step (1):System Identification
1- Creatures:
Step (2) : Defining Hazards (Cont'd)
Step 2
Step (2) : Defining Hazards (Cont'd)
Step (3&4): Risk Estimation and Evaluation
Step (5): Risk control (cont'd)
Preliminary Risk Assessment (PRA):
Step (2) : Defining Hazards
Hazard source
Identification of hazard
- due to electrical devices tend to
high voltage & short circuit
- putting metal in electricity CBS
2- Injury
- Putting fingers in fan
- Burn himself
- Breaking glass
- Tables and chair
- Doors and windows
- Fall from a bed

Step (2) : Defining Hazards (Cont'd)
- By insecticides , detergents, pharmaceuticals.
4- Asphyxia
- caused by gas cylinder or gas leakage
5- Diseases
Step (2) : Defining Hazards (Cont'd)
- Caused by T.V &Cell phone
6- Death
-due to:Explosion, swallow parts of toys, Drowned in the bathtub, Falling from Balcony, poisoning.
- caused if pesticides are used next to flame
* Parents * Children * Brothers and sisters
1- Creatures (cont'd)
*Insects *Animals *Plants *Visitors
Step (1):System Identification (cont'd)
*Sharp tools *Electric sockets *Tables and chairs

* Ladder *Beds *Thermal devices
*Glass *Pharmaceuticals *Stairs *Electric devices
#Risk Management:
1- System identification.
2- Identify hazards.
3- Risk Estimation : Determine (P and s)
4- Risk Evaluation (determine risk rank)
5- Risk control.
Step (1):System Identification (cont'd)
2- Assets
Step (1):System Identification (cont'd)
2- Assets (cont'd)
Step (1):System Identification (cont'd)
2- Assets (cont'd)
Step (1):System Identification (cont'd)
3- Work processes and culture
*Behavior *Falling *Injury

Step (1):System Identification (cont'd)
3- Work processes and culture (cont'd)
Step (1):System Identification (cont'd)
4- Environment (cont'd)
*Smoking fumes

Step (5): Risk control
1. Engineering controls
* Hazard elimination
* Substitution
* Change in design
* Hazard separation
* Ventilation

2. Administrative control
- Training & awareness for parents
- Training children how to deal with all hazards.
3. P.P.E
-Such as: wearing slippers to
prevent electricity shocks.
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