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My life

No description

Jesse Drotos

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of My life

My life by Jesse Drotos
I was born june 30th 200. My first words were this "dee dah" that's what I called my dad...
My brother came along
Luke was born 2002 febuary 27th. Luke would always put his hand on my head and say this "dee dee"...
In 2006, this was my first trip ever to disney world. My dad toke luke and I to space mountain and how did it turn out?.. horrible.
It was 2007 when we moved from Ohio to Tennessee. Once we finally moved into our new home my grandma toke Luke and I to the neighborhood pool where we met some new people.
School -_-
It was 2007 ( I think ) and I started second grade where i met my best friend Zac Heath. Ive known Zac sence second grade all the way through 8th grade now.
I hope you enjoyed
I was born
My family
In 2008 my little brother Noah was born and in 2011 my little sister Eden was born. I also have a dog named maggie, she came along in 2006.
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