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Christopher columbus's Goals

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Ethan Jones

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of Christopher columbus's Goals

Christopher columbus's Goals
Christopher Columbus had three main goals. 1. To find fortune. 2. To spread christianity 3. To find a route to the indies.
What were Columbus's Motivations?
Christopher columbus's Motivations were religion and wealth.
Three Character trait of Christopher Columbus
1. Wealthy - Because of the money he got.
2. Curious - Because he wants to know and see more of the world.
3. Smart - Because you have to be smart to be a sailor so that you do not end up getting lost.
What I think Columbus's Ships were like
Christopher Columbus's Ships were big ships that had huge sails. His ship's didn't smell good because of all the sailors being dirty and smelly. His ships also really fast.
How do you think Christopher Columbus's voyages were?
What was Christopher Columbus hoping for?
He was hoping to find a route to India.
Christopher Columbus Prezi
Christopher Columbus's voyages were really long. His voyages were probably really boring because he sailed across huge bodies of water. They were probably hard because they went out of food and some began to starve to death.
What were some challanges that Christopher Columbus had to face?
Christopher Columbus faced three major problems on his voyages:
1. Christopher Columbus faced starvation when the ship's supply of food began to go away.
2. The whole crew was dehydrated all of the time.
3. Christopher Columbus faced mutiny.
What are three acomplishments of Christopher Columbus?

1. On his first voyage he found the Bahamas.
2. On his third voyage he found South America.
3. He tried finding India but instead he found the New World.
Three important things that I learned about Christopher Columbus.
1. Christopher Columbus discovered the coast of South America.
2. He also found the west Indies and Central America.
3. He also discovered the Bahamas.
If Christopher Columbus was still alive today what would he be doing?
If Christopher Columbus was still alive today I think he would be traveling whether it would be by boat or plane.
1. http://iweb.jackson.k12.ga.us/cstewart/explorers/Columbus.html Information about the chalanges he faced.
2. http://www.kidzworld.com/article/1382-motives-for-exploration Info about why he started exploring.
3. http://www.yesnet.yk.ca/schools/projects/renaissance/main/columbus.html Info about his accomplishment.
4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/famouspeople/christopher_columbus/#focus Info about what he did.
5. http://www.enchantedlearning.com/explorers/page/c/columbus.shtml Information about his trips.
6. http://www.history.com/topics/exploration/christopher-columbus Information about his goals and his voyages.
Christopher Columbus
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