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hamlet betrayal

No description

Emmanuel Haba

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of hamlet betrayal

- Betrayal
Act I scene ii
Hamlet feels betrayed by his mother, Gertrude, when she married Hamlet's uncle very shortly after his father's death.
Act III scene i
The King and Polonius decide to spy on Hamlet when he and Ophelia talk. Ophelia knew, and when Hamlet found out, he felt very betrayed by Ophelia.
Act IV scene i
When Hamlet accidentally kills Polonius, Gertrude betrays the king to keep Hamlet safe.
"How now? A rat? Dead for a ducat, dead!" -Hamlet telling Gertrude that he thought Polonious was a rat. Gertrude assured the king that it was really a rat, not Polonius.
Act I scene v
The ghost encounters Hamlet, and that's when Hamlet learns that the ghost is his father. The ghost told Hamlet that Claudius poured poison in his ear, killing him. King Hamlet was betrayed by his own brother because Claudius wanted the Kings' life.
Act II scene i
Polonius wants his servant, Reynaldo, to go to France to spy on Polonius' son, Laertes. Polonius betrays his son's trust by having his servant go to spy on him.
When Hamlet accidentally killed Polonius, he claimed that he believed it to be a rat. His mother, Gertrude, lied to the king and told him that he thought it was a rat to protect Hamlet. Gertrude betrayed the King to simply save her son.
Act V scene ii
The King plans to poison Hamlet while he and Laertes fence one another. He was planning to have Hamlet drink the wine with poison in it, but Gertrude did on accident. Without Gertrude knowing, her own husband betrayed her.
In the end, everyone is betrayed by their own family and their so called "friends." Mothers, sons, uncles, friends, significant others, they all were guilty of betrayal.
"O God! A beast
that wants discourse of reason would have
mourn'd longer- married with my uncle, my father's brother, but no more like my father."
"Sleeping within my orchard, my custom
always of the afternoon, upon my secure hour
thy uncle stole, with juice of cursed hebenon
in a vile, and in the porches of my ears did pour."
"You shall do marvellous wisely, good Reynaldo, before you visit him, to make inquire."
"Let the doors be shut upon
him, that he may play the fool nowhere
but in's own house. Farewell."

To hurt someone who trusts you, such as a friend or relative by not giving help to them or by doing something morally wrong
Each character was dealing with their own psychological problem. Shock, anger, grief, isolation, sadness and depression each lead the characters to betrayal.
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