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My perfect e-textbook

No description

Nadiya Bourourou

on 26 January 2014

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Transcript of My perfect e-textbook

Visually friendly
Pictures should be eye catchy, funny , and varied.
Students learn best when they are familiar with the subject matter, when it rings a bell in their minds
Types of pictures to be used :
Short stories illustrated
Comic strips
Movie captions
song lyrics illustrated

- To reinforce grammar and vocabulary learning
- To improve drawing skills (blank spaces for drawing )

- To promote writing skills ( filling in gapped captions, finishing a short story ...)

- To trigger imagination and thoughts (speaking)
My perfect e-textbook
by Nadia Bourourou

My e-textbook is picture-based, it would be:
Simple and relevant to my students' lives:

inspiring and thought-provoking

Objectives :
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