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Thirteen Reasons Why Soundtrack

No description

Mikaela Cajigal

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of Thirteen Reasons Why Soundtrack


By: Mikaela Cajigal

Thirteen Reasons Why is a novel by Jay Asher that follows Clay Jensen as he receives a package containing the recorded suicide note of a former classmate and crush, Hannah Baker. Hannah made several audio tapes each with two sides that were each sent to a student at her school who was a reason that led her to suicide. There are only two rules to the tape: Listen and pass it on. Hannah threatens that if anybody breaks those rules, she has copies of the tapes that will go public.
Kiss Me- Sixpence None The Richer
This song is perfect for the scene with Hannah Baker’s first kiss with Justin Foley. In Cassette 1: Side A, Hannah describes her encounters with Justin, their witty conversations, and the way they used to tease each other up to their first kiss. Hannah would have dreams of her first kiss and the scene would always be at the park in her old town with a red rocket ship. She would climb up to and let a breeze blow through her hair and calm her. “I think that’s the reason, in my dreams, my first kiss took place at the rocket ship. It reminded me of innocence. And I wanted my first kiss to be just that. Innocent.” (Pg. 25) When they meet at the park, Hannah is already standing on the rocket ship and she says she’ll be right down to meet him. She then decides to take the slide and he promises to catch her at the bottom. As she slides down, he catches her in his arms and they kiss. Many heard a story that escalated to more than a kiss, but as Hannah says, all they did was kiss. He even took her to the swings where they kissed again and then they went home. Like the song, their kiss is innocent and beautiful.
Just Listen
Fall- He Is We
This song is for the scene when Hannah Baker first hears the rumors spread about her. Hannah’s reputation has changed completely based on her first kiss with Justin Foley. Her breathtaking memories of the first kiss are ruined when she discovers Justin has been telling a sexier and naughtier side to the story. He breaks up with her without a word to her face and begins to avoid her altogether. He spreads rumors about more than a kiss and takes pride in himself. She feels betrayed and a “snowball effect” starts. The song even says, "So long, now I was betrayed with a kiss." She is treated like a toy and seen as naughty and slutty by people who don’t even know her. This is the beginning of her world crashing down around her and he becomes the first reason Hannah commits suicide.
Here Comes the Sun- The Beatles
This song is chosen for Hannah Baker’s meetings with Alex Standall and Jessica Davis at Monet’s Garden Café & Coffeehouse during the summer before school. Hannah was terrified of being a new girl at school. She soon becomes friends with Jessica and with Alex who they meet after the girls see him staring and mistake him for checking Jessica out. They soon form a group at Monet’s where they are able to get away from their troubles and just laugh. Hannah says Monet’s was like a safe haven to them where they could get away from reality and vent their problems to each other. “I’m not sure who started it, but whoever had the most exhausting day would lay a hand in the center of the table and say, ‘Olly-olly-oxen free.’ The other two would lay their hands on top and lean in. Then we’d listen, sipping drinks with our free hands. Jessica and I always drank hot chocolate. Alex made his way through the entire menu.” (Pg. 62) In the song, The Beatles sing, “Little darling, the smile’s returning to their faces. Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here,” and in the story, Hannah, Alex, and Jessica, were able to enjoy themselves and find comfort in each other at their coffee shop table.
"Courtney Crimsen. What a pretty name. And yes, a very pretty girl, as well. Pretty hair. Pretty smile. Perfect skin." (Pg. 93)
Everybody's Fool- Evanescence
This song is chosen for Hannah Baker’s discovery of Courtney Crimsen’s fake kindness towards others. Courtney Crimsen is a beautiful and popular girl who is an admirable figure to many high school students. Only Hannah can see through her disguise of smiles and little chit-chats and sees a more manipulative and posed side to Courtney. Courtney ignored Hannah except for smiles in the hallways and occasional “Hellos” until the day she needed a ride to the party in which she begs Hannah to go with her. Hannah asked Courtney why she wanted to go with her after ignoring her and Courtney denied the accusation. Yet, Hannah still drives her to the party. As soon as they get inside, Courtney already suggests they should split up and that they should meet up later because she needed to talk to some other people. She even reminded Hannah to not leave without her because she was her ride. During the party, a boy comes to talk to Hannah and tells her that he overheard Courtney talking about her. Courtney was talking to some boys from another school and telling them that Hannah was fun to hang out with and that she had “A few surprises buried in her dresser drawers.” (Pg. 144) In a rage, Hannah grabs Courtney and asks her to take a picture despite Courtney not wanting to. She humiliates Courtney by asking her why she won’t take a picture. She begs her sarcastically to tell her she wasn’t just a chauffeur and tells her that she thought they were becoming friends. Hannah ends the humiliation with a line expressing her knowledge of the rumor, “If you ever want to borrow anything from my dresser, Courtney, all you need to do is ask.” (Pg. 117 )The boy takes their picture with Hannah looking like she had the time of her life and Courtney looking nervous. Hannah begins to leave when Courtney begs her to stay and be reasonable because if she leaves, she won’t have a ride home. An angry Hannah tells her to find a ride home, ruining Courtney’s flawless reputation.
Iris-Goo Goo Dolls
I chose this song for the scene when Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker begin to bond and connect for the first time at a different party. In the book, Hannah and Clay both said that they never really communicated before and Clay felt too afraid to speak to her. Hannah says that during the party Clay asked her personal questions. They never felt intrusive and she felt that for the first time, someone tried to truly understand her. She had been living in a world where people only viewed her based on the rumors they heard. Therefore; nobody ever took the chance to get to know her. All these rumors had made her insecure and distant from the people around her and made her terrified of the way people saw her. As the lyrics in the song say, “And I don’t want the world to see me, cause I don’t think that they’d understand. When everything’s made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am,” Hannah found somebody who would listen to her thoughts without being judgmental. After a while, they even lightened up the conversation and he was able to make her laugh which she truly needed.
Let Her Go- Passenger
After Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker connect at the party, they share a kiss which leads them the bed where they lay together, doing nothing more. Hannah finds comfort in Clay’s arms and begins describing his kisses feeling like first kisses. She begins to remember her first kiss with Justin Foley and how he ruined the memories for her. She tells Clay to stop even though all he did was hold her close. Her mind starts to remember the reputation she got from people’s rumors. She closes her eyes painfully only to see everyone on her list of reasons and agonizes from knowing her reputation is out of her control. Thinking that she is only adding to her reputation, she repeats stop and pushes him away. When Clay begins to talk, she cuts him off and asks him to leave. As he begins to speak again; she screams into the pillow, making Clay get up and stare at her. He listens to her and leaves as she slides off the bed and hugs her knees and cries. Clay knew she needed him and as much as he wanted to stay there, he was scared. “You see her when you close your eyes. Maybe one day you’ll understand why, everything you touch surely dies.” Clay didn’t realize that once he left her, it would be the last time he saw her because she would soon be gone.
Swelling- Sarah Jaffe
After Clay Jensen leaves the party, a couple walks into the bedroom where Hannah is sitting on the floor. Justin lays Jessica on the bed and instead of leaving; he begins to kiss her, despite her being only semi-conscious. After realizing she isn’t in the romantic mood, he leaves and keeps watch at the door. Hannah struggles to get up and the world spins around her. As she walks weakly to the door, Bryce Walker, rumored to inappropriately touch girls, tries to come in while Justin stands guarding the door. Justin tells him to let Jessica rest. Bryce claims he is working the night shift and he had to leave in a few minutes and that he needed to see her. Hannah starts to feel sick and falls on her knees. She stumbles toward the closet with tears and her ears pounding from the loud and endless music. Bryce makes his way to the bed. With the loud noises from the party; nobody hears the bedsprings screaming from underneath him. Hannah knows she could have stopped him but while hiding in the closet. Yet, she feels that things were already out of her control and that the emotions hitting her were unstoppable. In that moment of burying her face in the coats in the closet, she feels dead and decides that living is meaningless. She runs out of the room as soon as Bryce leaves, and sees Justin who stares at her with misery and guilt. She knows they both could have done something to save Jessica but at that point, Hannah was drowning in her own misery. This song is perfect for the scene because it expresses how Hannah’s emotions suffocate her in a way that she is unable to care for others around her. Therefore the song sings her thoughts “Are you trying to tell me something with your eyes? All I want to do now is lay down and die. If you’re gonna do it, you’d better do it right, but my heart won’t stop swelling.”
Smother- Daughter
Hannah gets a ride home from the party by Jenny Kurtz. Jenny asked no questions and Hannah stays quiet, letting her thoughts consume her. The warm air in the car comforted Hannah and the slow wiper blades carefully put Hannah back into reality. The rain calmed her and allowed her to slow the world down. Suddenly, the car hit a stop sign and she felt her world crash down on her. Hannah stayed inside the car with her hands gripped on the seatbelt and remained silent. Jenny got out to look at the dent and soon got back in the car not worrying too much about it. Before she could put the keys in the ignition, Hannah stopped her from driving away and told her to park the car. Jenny joked that nobody obeys stop signs and they just go anyways. As Hannah pleads for Jenny to just park the car, Jenny tells her to get out angrily. Hannah gets out but asks if she can use Jenny’s phone to call about the sign falling down. Jenny refused and soon drove away, leaving Hannah in the pouring rain. Hannah soon walks unsteadily to a gas station and uses a payphone to call the police about the accident and notices that she has begun to cry. She finds out that somebody had called not to report the fallen stop sign, but to report an accident that involved the death of a senior at her school. Hannah, wishing she could disappear, decides not to go home and instead walks many roads without a plan. The cold mist from the vanishing rain comforts her, letting her thoughts about disappearing consume her. The song shows how she feels like a burden to everyone and how overwhelmed she is by the world around her. The song talks about being a “suffocator”, as if she was causing trouble to everyone around her. In reality, it is as though the singer is “suffocating” herself with her own thoughts. “I'm sorry if I smothered you. I sometimes wish I stayed inside my mother, never to come out.” As dark as those lyrics sound, it expresses Hannah’s thoughts about herself and the agony her life causes her as she walks down the winding roads wishing she had no existence.
Stop and Stare- OneRepublic
This song expresses Clay Jensen’s feelings when he goes to school the day after he hears and mails the tapes. He is prepared to see how the tapes have changed the people on Hannah Baker’s list but unprepared to let people know what the tapes have done to him. The way he sees the world has changed after hearing Hannah’s perspective and experiences. He takes his time at his locker, wandering through the halls, and stares at Hannah’s desk with a new profound mind. He describes each of his steps as lonely and meaningless. He feels strange to walk through the halls. Despite the stares he receives, he describes the halls as empty. “Stop and stare, I think I’m moving but I go nowhere. Yeah, I know that everyone gets scared. But I’ve become what I can’t be. Stop and stare, you start to wonder why you’re here not there. You’d give anything to get what’s fair. But fair isn’t what you really need. Oh, can’t you see what I see?” To Clay, it is almost a struggle to make it through the day without Hannah filling his thoughts. At the end of the book, he sees a fellow student named Skye Miller. She was his middle school crush but she now seems distant and avoids many people. He realizes that Skye must be going through similar experiences as Hannah’s. He hears Skye’s footsteps getting weaker and weaker as she gets further away. He takes a deep breath and describes the wave of emotions rushing into him as pain, anger, sadness, joy, but lastly, hope. The story ends on him calling her name, and maybe therefore; saving her from isolation and her own insecurities.
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