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Last Mile

No description

Stuart Myles

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Last Mile

Motivating Examples Convey usage rights (outing) to clients
Linkable photos
Derived works What happens today? Ingestion / editing
Delivery Photo Linking Product Here’s the product rule to define which photos are linkable in Elvis. We add exclusions as new unlinkable sources/collections are encountered.

@mediatype = Photo and (@creditline = AP or @creditlinename = AP) and @transref != NYOTK and @transref != NYWWP and @transref != NYNBC and @transref != NYJPC and @transref != XNCAA and @transref != APEXL and @transref != XAPIX and @transref !=NFLHS09 and @transref != APSTK and @transref !=NYEOTK and @transref != OLOTK and @transref != aphs* and @transref != NFLHS10 and @transref != CPOTK and @source != AGESTA and @source != ASCLA and @source != MICPI and @sidadd != MGRAF and @productsource != watchf and @bylinetitle != CTR and @bylinetitlename != CTR
Member pickups
- Driven by sid code
- A standard list
- Outing values go into content
- COB told by member who they want to out
SID codes can also be routing values
- AP Editors can add outing codes
- Prefix sid code with minus (e.g. -nynt)
- Per story DESK gets translated into APPL
e.g. <Routing Type="Passcode" Expanded="false" Outed="true">papit</Routing>
Also other elements such as <Instruction> for photo's
Differs by media type
Satellite - we inform and they are meant to observe eAP
- photo's looks for org's sid in sidout and expand group sidout
- @@@ need to find out for the various different portals
- webfeeds / edge database @@@ Today's Gap
Editors have to make a routing decision
Such as "this isn't for commerical online customers"
They decide not to file to particular products
Or we might even just verbally tell the customer "please don't use this if you get it"
We want to instead set groups (for example) and filter Outing vs. Usage Outing - don't deliver
Usage rights - here's what you can and can't do A change is that we need to deliver to clients who need to perform routing and filtering State reports For commercial customers - they can subscribe, but they can't use.
Generally, we tell them at a product level whether they can or can't display.
In NNTP we use DistributionScope (Local/National) as a key for whether commercial customers can use
The problem is in WebFeeds, the filing metadata is all screwed up. But also record/filing complexity.
This is a challenge to associate the "right" usage rights, because different filings get news managed together.
This seems lower priority, although we're confident that the proposed schema can handle it. Marketplace
Similar (in concept) to member pickups
They can select everything themselves
They can set up a standard list
And they can select per story
The list is different - they can only select from papers
It gets mapped into different APPL elements
We suspect that the values are different (ids)
Things that are changing - opening up to broadcasters, colleges, non profits
Can also out by geography and platform (medium) Ingestion Manager
Need to think through Usage Type
Long term, need to give clients control over usage rights
Particularly CP May want to come back to Header Edit All photos that flow through a tool flow through ePix Photo Linking
AP produced photos - editors should be able to set something to linkable or not
Set by sources by default to be linkable or not linkable
e.g. FTP folders could have a business rule
Then override in ePix

Should be able to use sourcing of AP
Use case - rev share for images (e.g. getty) versus linking
Photo outing
ePix lets you out organizations
They do use sids and group routing codes
Housed in photo satellite entitlement system
Lots of existing relationships
Everything gets expanded (expanded group out)
Edwin has a lookup table to map from group routing code into the actual sids In Video
The edits are done in ENPS to drop the script
But there's no way to copy the rights section over to the digview
The minimal change is to keep any usage rights information Routing Code and SIDs
Can't capture more complex things
Probably need to figure out what else we need to do in ePix
Need a more structured definition, that needs to translate that into human readable text Outing and Usage Rights
Today, we handle outing and usage rights in the same way
We chose whether or not to deliver a piece of content to a particular client
Sometimes, this is automated
In some cases we rely on editors deciding whether or not to file a particular piece of content to a particular service

Other usage rights are communicated in a haphazard way (different ways for different media types).

What is changing is that our clients needs are getting more complex
Recipients want a single feed that they can route and filter themselves
The single feed may be a mix of different media types
Or it may be a single feed that is meant for multiple organizations within a group
This requires them to have access to the usage rights information themselves
in a way that is consistent and actionable
Providers (including AP) need to communicate more fine grained permissions and restrictions than use or not use
AP's internal use of content would also benefit from more consistent, actionable and powerful expressions of usage rights

For each distribution point, we should include some usage rights
We already do this for satellite
Portals - Exchange, Images,
Within the binaries (images, video)
Implies some type of organization registry and vocabulary management Outing MarketPlace, Member Pickups and Photo's
Similar in concept, different in details and implementation

In Marketplace, members can select everything themselves
They can set up a standard list
And they can select per story

In Member Pickups, they set up a standard list,
but can ask for particular outs for particular stories

In ePix, you can out by sid or by groupsidout

The lists are different - in Marketplace, they can only select from papers
It gets mapped into different APPL elements (Instruction for Photo's, Routing for the desk)

Things that are changing - MarketPlace is opening up to broadcasters, colleges and non profits
Can also out by geography and platform (medium) What Existing REL
is the Best Fit? PRISM PLUS DDM ODRL ONIX I looked at five candidates
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