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A world without creativity

No description

Mya Mahaley

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of A world without creativity

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr First off, the one
positive thing that could happen. Larceny happens at least every five seconds,and then the list goes on. Crime is everywhere . Murder, trespassing,robbery, theft and many more crimes happen a day. No one would be able to even think about how to plan any of these things without creativity. The first crime committed in America was theft. We stole the Native American's land. If creativity wasn't in our heads we couldn't have even thought about greed.Lately in Chicago the crime rate has gone up. Gangs, homicides burglary , ect. Some of the crimes are extremely outrageous. Without creativity no one would even know how to kill or hurt another human. Have you ever thought about how often creativy effects the world.
Not just in positive ways, but the negitaves. Just imagine litteraly a blank world. But, on the bright side the crime rates would drop down rapidly. The human race would be completely unintelligent , so come with me on a journey, a journey in a world without creativity. Intro A world without
CrEaTiVitY By Mya Mahaley Now onto the 5 negatives To cure chicken pox you have to do the unthinkable.One of the options is to basically bathe in oatmeal.Since 1995 a very powerful vaccination was made to prevent Chicken Pox. Different trials went wrong because they couldn’t come up with an efficient cure.With no medicine access, the population would decrease in number. Isac newton came up with secondary
colors using his won creative theory.The primary colors are Red, Yellow, and Blue.
Mixed red and blue mixed together makes purple, yellow and blue make green and red and yellow make orange. Purple, green, and orange are secondary colors, but without creativity none of those color combinations would’ve been made. The world would be black ,white,red, yellow, and blue. Secondary Colors NoMedicine Lynn Eisenmann Invented the trash can, because she thought that peeling her fruits and leaving them on the floor was wrong. If her creativity of the invention trash would be laying around the earth.Without the first sewer system all of our waste would be infecting our sense of smell,
Landfills may cause bad smell, but without them personal trash would build up and start smelling foul. Horible smelling world No music
Thomas Edison helped invent recording studios. The Phonograph that he invented gave a chance to record things and play them back. With that kind of technology he was able to have his invention contribute to the first recording studio to be made.A recording studio is a place to make, record, and edit music.Typically where most music is made.About 2,152,800 songs have been made since 1949 in the UK and The US. None of them are the same. The constitution wouldn’t have been created
The constitution took 116 days to write and edit. Everybody had different and creative ways of creating a new country..
55 people wrote the constitution, and each and every person had a part in it
The constitution was changed 27 times, because of other creative ideas . No constitution A world without creativity doesn't sound so easy now. Not only would this effect the past and the present. The future would be very chaotic, matter of fact there probably wouldn't be a future. Now a world without creativity has a very little amount of good things, but the bad things overpower. Think about a would without creativity, I suggest we use as much creativity as we can!
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