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The ankh

No description

kaitlin roberts

on 17 February 2017

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Transcript of The ankh

Our artifact we designed is the ankh. We made it out of things like paint, colored sequins and gold duct tape. We then drew our design and cut it out. After that, we used sharpies and colored paint to decorate it. Our main key was to bring out the elements in Egyptian artwork with many colors and signs and symbols that they seemed to use.
Used for/originated
*Very known in ancient Egypt and was used a lot and seen on things like jewelery or in the hands of a pharaoh
*Egyptians thought the symbol was Christ's promise for everlasting life so they guided their life around this symbol
*(crux anasta) which means cross with a handle
*As trade and wars continued throughout the lands, the ankh began to appear on coins found in ancient Cypress
* It was an offering to a king's lips for a breath of life.
* Constantine saw a vision of death made a cross, christians got mad, so they made an ankh that says the opposite, cross=death ankh=life
*It was the hieroglyphic key or cross of life/breath of life (mortal afterlife).
More theories
from the belt-buckle of the mother goddess Isis,
*top was "knot of Isis"
* Isis always had an ankh in her hand
*others were less deep, thought it was a sandal or a sunset
Ankhs were made out of just about everything that the ancient Egyptians could craft. From metals such as bronze and gold to glazed ceramics, stone and wood. In many cases they would add inscriptions on them for amulets. Some ankhs were not made out of anything just inscriptions by gods and goddesses The symbol was included as decoration for the wealthy as well as the pharaoh. Since it meant the key of life, it was thought to bring good luck to the owner.

*The color blue represented royalty to the ancient Egyptians
*The red jasper stone symbolized the life blood of the goddess Isis, who was known as the mother goddess.
*It also represents eternity and infinity which is symbolized by the closed loop.
The ankh
by Kaitlin and Grace
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