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The Third Wish-English Project

A story presentation for English class!

Cassidy Clark

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of The Third Wish-English Project

By Joan Aiken The Third Wish Before the story starts the main character, Mr. Peters, has driven far into the forest of Savernake at dusk. While he is driving down an empty stretch of road he hears a strange cry. He then goes to investigate, which is where the story begins! Point of View BACKGROUND The story The Third Wish is written in first person point of view. This means that the story is written from one character's point of view, so you know their thoughts and feelings only. Setting The Third Wish takes place in two main settings: The forest of Savernake and the backyard and home of Mr.Peters. Tone/Atmosphere PLOT The plot of the story consists of three main parts:

1) The first main event of the story is when Mr. Peters hears the weird cry and goes to find its owner, he then finds a beautiful swan trapped in thorns. He then rescued the swan and it turned into the forest king who gave him three wishes!

2) Mr. Peters, after getting his wishes, wished for a beautiful wife. He fell asleep in his truck waiting for her. In the morning Leita, his soon to be wife, came and they went home together. They were very happy together and lived in great harmony.

3) The next thing that happened is after a while Mr. Peters saw that Leita was unhappy and wanted to know why. He soon learns that she was a swan before he wished for her and that she misses her swan sister very dearly. Characterization In the story there is a lot of Characterization. One very good example is when Joan is describing the Leita, the wife.
'Coming along the track towards him was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, with eyes as blue-green as the canal, hair as dusky as the bushes, and skin as white as the feathers of swans.' Conflict The main conflict in The Third Wish was the fact that Leita turned out to be a swan who had a sister she loved and missed so, so much that she was always secretly depressed no matter how hard she tried not to be. She got so sad that she started to thin and become weak. The story The Third Wish has a very wise tone with a very peaceful atmosphere. This makes the story very mellow, but gives you good advice. Antagonist The Antagonist in this story is the Forest King. The Forest King isn't really a bad guy, but he does try depress the narrator and is very rude to him. Protagonist: Mr. Peters is clearly the protagonist in this story! He may not be a super hero, but he does save the Forest King and thinks very greatfully. He is happy with his life and only wishes for something he deserved, wanted, and needed. Personification The Third Wish uses personification when it says, "Heard the mournful sound of two swans singing." Figurative Language Simile: The Third Wish has many similes in it. This one of them:
"... a wife as Beautiful as the forest." Metaphor: Sadly, we could find no metaphors in The Third Wish! IRONY There was a lot of irony in The Third Wish which added a lot of impact to it. The irony of the story was that Leita ended up being swan who missed her old life and missed being with her swan sister very badly. Imagery The beginning of the story has lots of Imagaery when it gives you detail of the forest.

"... at the dusky undergrowth, the primroses, great beeches and the blue-green water of the canal..."
Climax The climax of the story is when Leita gets so sorrowful that she starts talking in her sleep screaming for Rhea, her sister, to take her with her. So, Mr. Peters wishes Leita into a swan again and sets her free! Theme The theme of this story is that when you wish for something it doesn't always work out and that if you love something, set it free!
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