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Disney Princesses Vs. Radical Feminism

No description

Natalie Mollan

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Disney Princesses Vs. Radical Feminism

Disneys Intentions
Radical Feminist Think
Disney's Intentions
Radical Feminist Think
Disney's Intentions
Radical Feminist Think
Disney's Intensions
Disney's Intentions
Radical Feminist Think
Disney's Intentions
-Cinderellas happiness depended on men
-After her father died she is forced to live with her step mother
-Her looks are what attracted the prince
-She stayed with her step mother on her own free will
-The prince was attracted to her because she was the only girl not looking for a man
-Cinderella went to the ball to have a break from her life.
Disney Princesses Vs. Radical Feminism
Feminist Critique
Disney's Intentions
Radical Feminist
Radical Feminist Think
Disneys Intensions
Radical Feminist Think

Radical Feminist Think
Disney's Intentions
-Snow Whites only quality is beauty
-She cleans the house because she feels it is her "duty"
-This movie portrays women as weak
-Wishes for a prince
-Yes, she was beautiful but so was the queen
-She cleaned the house because she thought orphans kids lived there
-She may not be a strong female character, but she is modest.
-"Feminism." Merriam-Webster. Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 09 Dec. 2014.
Radical Feminist Think
Disney's Intensions
-No character besides her 3 gifts given to her by the fairies
- The fairies did not give her "useful gifts"
-She was an object that they were fighting over
-She had the gifts given to her by the fairies but had more personality than that.
-Did not know anything was wrong so she couldn't protect herself
-Can only be saved by a man
-There has to be a happy ending
-Ariel gave up her voice for a random guy
- Ariel looks for happiness in the prince
-The prince falls in love with the Ariel because of her body/ beauty
-She manipulates her body to become a part of the human world
-Prince fell in love with her voice when she saved him
-She is looking for happiness in a new place. Not from the prince.
-Belle falls for the Beast because she thinks she can change him (Stolkholm Syndrome)
-Her happiness is found through the Beast
-Belle falls in love with the Beast because she sees the real him.
-She is brave, gave up her life to save her father
- She is smart
-She wants to accomplish her dreams, but give them up to save her father
-Jasmine is Defined for her beauty
-Happiness is only found with Aladdin
-Only Female Character
- Wants to decide her own fate
-She defies marriage that is forced
-Broke out of her comfort zone to have her way
-John Smith falls in love with her because of her beauty
- She defies her father for her love of John Smith
-She stands up for what she believes in
-John Smith Fell in love her ideals and inner beauty
-She dresses like a man to gain respect and to join the army
-all of her victories are won as she is dressed like a man
-Joined Army to save her Father
-Women were not allowed to join the army so she had to dress as a man
-Her greatest victory was won while she was a women
-She is portrayed as a brave strong, intelligent women that goes against her culture to save her father
-Romance Between Tiana and Prince Naveen
Hard working
Strong female Character
-She cleans her tower daily
-She needs a man to help her find her way to the light show
-She takes care of him on the way to the lights
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