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Ancient Egyptian & Roman Jobs Past & Now

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Shazia Alamgir

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Ancient Egyptian & Roman Jobs Past & Now

Shazia Zaheen Alamgir Economy Through The Ages Ancient Roman Emperor Ancient Roman Inkeeper Ancient Roman Lawyer Ancient Egyptian Scribe The End Ancient Egyptian Priest Ancient Egyptian Craftspeople They were the most powerful people and in charge of the empire. They would have there head stamps on coins. They would be the only person allowed to wear a purple Toga. An Inkeeper is the owner of jolly Roman . He works for
very long hours. An Inkeeper has to get up early serve his customers breakfast and stay there till dinner or more. Thank you Scribes were very important. They were important because the government in Ancient Egypt recorded a lot of legal &Business documents. Ancient Egyptian Priest were in charge of the temples .
Priest manage the temples , Clean it and hold religious
ceremonies. There were many crafts men jobs. Craftspeople were Weavers, Jewelers, Leather workers and potters. Craftspeople were very common. Now Rome is broken to 2 pieces the 2 pieces are called Germany and Italy. Italy's presidents name is Giorgio Napolitano & Germany's presidents name is Today the survived temples are managed by governments as famous tourists attractions. Craftspeople are still very common some they have there own shop now were they sell the things they make. Instead of having there creation hand made some craftsmen work with different machines References http://www.ancientegypt.co.uk/trade/home.html http://www.personal.psu.edu/sxm540/asgmnt6.html http://www.historylink101.net/egypt_1/a-pesants_slaves.htm http://www.librarythinkquest.htm http://bookofcels.com/assignments/egypt/egypt.htm Ancient Roman Lawyers have training with special teachers who taught them polite things to make the Judge on their side. Their trials would be in a building called the Basilicas. Introduction Hello my name is Shazia and I will share what I've learned about Economy and Business at this presentation. My two civilizations are Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt. Roman Emperor Giorgio Napolitano Roman Waitress Today we've many waitress in Rome and they all share there time like some work at the evening, some work at morning & some work at night so it isn't too hard for them. http://www.fotolia.com/id/34637213 http://www.havelshouseofhistory.com/Autographs%20of%20German%20Political%20Leaders%20HE.htm Roman Lawyer Egyptian Government Today instead of having scribes we have the government that check all the documents important for people from the government is only allowed to see those documents Egyptian Craftspeople What I think for the future I think in the future there will be jobs for everyone over the age of 18 and everyone will get what they need, get paid properly and have a job instead of having children, working and getting more economic and I think soon other countries children won't be working either. Egyptian Temples After falling the Western Roman empire some laws still followed by the lawyers of today's that were made before What Skills I've Used I've used my Research skills because I had to Research about my topic to see if I had enough Information. I didn't only search in the computer I also had to search in books so I got the right information about Egypt & Rome economy. What Learner Profiles I used I used my communication skills because I had to communicate with my group and share the laptop everyone got 15:00 minutes so everyone got chance in the laptop. Joachim Gauck
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