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Ebola Virus

No description

Caitlyn Wicks

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of Ebola Virus

Ebola Virus
By: Caitlyn Wicks

Ebola Virus
My research question is where was the first known outbreak of Ebola and where has Ebola been found? How has the virus spread and what are the symptoms people get from the Ebola virus and how can they prevent getting the Ebola virus from people and places?
Some treatments for the Ebola virus are...
replacing lost blood
adding fluids
treating infections
Avoid body fluids from other people .
Avoid people that are ill.
Avoid places in West Africa that.might have people their that are sick.
Where and when was the first Ebola outbreak?
Where has the Ebola Virus been found in?
The Ebola virus has been found in the United States, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal and Spain.
Loss of weight
Muscle pains
The fever
Effects afterward
Hair loss
Eye inflammation
Liver inflammation
Organ fail
The Ebola outbreak first began in
1976 In a town called Yambuku with only some villagers around.
How it Spreads
The Ebola virus can be spread by blood
if exposed or if have any cuts on skin.
In Africa the Ebola Virus can be spread by
infected bats, monkey, pigs, chimps. Or if they have eaten an infected animal or handling
infected person.

The Ebola virus can be spread also by medical tools ,clothing ,bedding and needles
used by infected people
with the virus.

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Caitlyn Wicks
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