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No description

Angie Yi

on 6 February 2018

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Transcript of Pathos

It is perfectly acceptable to use physical force if they misbehave.
It is totally unacceptable to use physical force if they misbehave.
When it comes to...
sit on this side if you believe
For today's warm-up: list three more reasons why you believe what you believe about this issue.
Please number a blank sheet of paper from 1-5.
1. What is "logic?"
2. What is "reductio ad absurdum?"
3. What does "logos" mean?
4. What is a "strawman fallacy?"
New Vocab
1. ad populum
2. ad hominem
Arguments that use pathos attempt to persuade someone by making an appeal to their emotions.
An "ad populum" fallacy attempts to convince someone that an idea is right simply because it is popular.
Let's go back to our warm-up and use BOTH

to defend our case...

Let's look at our new vocab words in action.
One more time...
is an argument that attempts to convince somebody by appealing to their emotions.
Write a BCR (five sentences) in which you identify how a TV COMMERCIAL or PRINT ADVERTISEMENT of your choice uses pathos.
3. emotion
4. evoke
5. pathos
Kid: But mom -- EVERYONE has a tattoo these days!

Mom: Well if everyone decided to jump off of the Brooklyn Bridge, would you!?
An "ad hominem" fallacy is when someone makes a personal attack on somebody in order to try and discredit their argument.
Literally translated from Latin, the phrase "ad hominem" means "to the man."

When someone makes an "ad hominem" attack, they don't just argue against someone's position on an issue, they try to insult *the person* making the argument.

In other words:

"AD HOMINEM" = talking smack on a person
When the young man's grandfather died, he was overcome with emotions.
emotions (n.): feelings
AD HOMINEM arguments
target someone's CREDIBILITY, and are fallacies that attempt to destroy a person's ETHOS.
Certain drugs are designed to evoke feelings of intense happiness, while other drugs are used to evoke feelings of calm.
evoke (v.): draw forth, make happen
Chris Brown abused Rihanna, so his music sucks.
You're ugly -- what could you possibly know about fashion?
You don't know the first thing about women. Even your own sister hates your guts.
The Washington Redskins are terrible because Donovan McNabb is the worst quarterback in the NFL.
English class is pointless because Ms. Yi is a jerk.
Isabella: How can you possibly like Jurrasic Park? That movie is stupid.

Bryent: Your MOTHER is stupid!
The Beatles sold more albums than any other recording artist in history, so they're clearly the greatest band ever.
Sixty eight percent of students feel that marijuana use is morally wrong, so it should remain illegal.
Only seven kids did the homework assignment, so the teacher shouldn't count it for a grade.
McDonalds sells more hamburgers than anyone in the world, so they're the best.
Everybody cuts class, so it's no big deal.
"Cars 3" is the number one movie in America!
We should go see it.
This is the lesson: Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never--in nothing, great or small, large or petty--never give in.
I oppose legalizing drugs because I watched my brother suffer throughthat, and I don't ever want to see anyone else suffer like that.
Would you like to spend a week relaxing in the Florida sunshine?
I have a dream that one day my children will be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.
Make no mistake about it: if you insult my brother one more time, I'm going to hurt you. Badly.
pathos, ethos AND logos
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