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Career shadowing

I went to The court house in Bartow for Career shadowing day.

Victoria DeSoto

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Career shadowing

Career Shadowing Day! By: Victoria DeSoto History of the clerk of courts The Florida Constitution of 1838 created
the Clerk of the Circuit Court as a Public
Trustee. On February 8, 1861, the Legislature
of the state of Florida established Polk COunty. The 1973 Florida Constitution created a
unified Clerk of the Circuit Court after abolition
of the Clerk of the Criminal Court of Record. The State Legislature created the Criminal Court
of Record in 1923. Going Green! This company is going green
by trying to save energy by
using electronic filing and tele
conference. Type of business Goods and services Main customers The main customers is anybody
that lives in this country, Purpose 15 years from now? The Polk county courthouse
will continue to provide services
for the community. Judge's Average salary and education A courthouse is a public building
that houses courts of law; can be
civil or criminal. The courthouse is a
facility that houses courtrooms where
judges talk over cases to see that they
are resolved. Enforcement of public law. Government agency.
Salary: county judge: 135k
circuit judge: 142k
Education: Bachelors Degree
Law Degree (3 years)
Certification by the BAR association
10 years experience as a lawyer. Technology Skills The technology used are
computers, office equipment,
video equepment, data basis,
computer software. Pursue career? I wouldn't pursue a career in
this job because it seems to
difficult and i just don't really
want to do it. Best/Dislike I really liked that you can learn
alot about the job and that you
an work in different areas if you
wanted to.
Some skills that judges need are
to always keep their cool, know
the law in and out, take no nonsense,
and be able to follow the law.
I don't like that you have to go
to school for 24 years. I also don't
like that if your in a room with a
criminal, something can go wrong.
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