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Supernova G2E 2013

Introduction to Supernova as seen at G2E Las Vegas September 24th-26th September 2013


on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Supernova G2E 2013

The Fully Flexible
Progressive Platform

Mystery Jackpots can be
linked across all games
Stud Poker
ANY mix of Jackpots
ANY number of prizes
ANY audio and visual
ANY table
ANY game
Drive increased revenue
Create high energy
game appeal

Advanced multi-colour
side bet technology

event based

A unique combination of
What our customers say...
Flexible jackpot control
Industry leading
audio and visual
HD progressive display

dealer interface
presented at G2E 2013
Best table game product innovation
"Using the Supernova platform we've enhanced a new brand of live gaming onto our existing Blackjack, Raise 'em and Roulette games... the games have attracted considerable interest"
Dave Anthony, Gaming Manager, Tsogo Sun
"There is no doubt Supernova is attracting players, creating great excitement and increasing revenues. The system is definitely a winner, our side bet revenues doubled after only three weeks!"
Tony Burger, Table Manager, Emerald Casino
"Supernova was the way to go... our guests love it as we've also included the mystery jackpot that pays a couple of time daily"
Patrice Ha Yeung, Deputy Table Manager, Emperor's Palace Casino
"Supernova adds an exciting new dimension to table games with a three level progressive bet giving our customers a chance to win over and above the normal odds"
Lesley Thoumi, Tables Manager, Monte Casino
Supernova delivers incremental profits and gives fast return on investment.
Supernova is a powerful Floor Wide Event and Mystery Progressive platform for the Live Gaming Space.
It adds higher levels of player excitement and loyalty using multi-level event based and mystery prizes combined with stunning graphics, sounds and table interaction.
Adapts to most table games
Supernova is a blank canvas

Configure as many different prizes and jackpots as you want

Use traditional games, your current portfolio of licensed games or create your own custom branded ones
Fully flexible contributions

Any combination of Mystery and Event based jackpots

Unlike other systems, each meter is independent giving a reduced 'cool down' period
To contact us about Supernova
or for further information visit:

Supernova at G2E
24-26th September 2013
Instant Player Appeal
of Mystery Jackpots

High Frequency Payouts
Self Funding with customer perception of 'casino giving something back'
Highly Configurable
Link ALL Tables - across ANY Game
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