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Energy Story

Awesome template but don't use it with Chrome... Or it may crash ! (sorry)

Veronica Cheong

on 15 July 2014

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Transcript of Energy Story

Story of Energy
Present By...
hat is nergy?
We Believe...
aka Veronica Cheong
Once upon a "monster" time...
Severe Power Outages in both...
Monster World
Kids are not laughing!!!
Human World
GEERRR! I haven't saved my Marketing Assignment yet!!!
They joint forces to form
the one & only ...
Energy Basic
Energy is “the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activities”
Latin "vis viva"
= Living force
Greek "energeria"
= Within Work
Word Origin:
Energy of Motion
Energy store in objects
Energy Type
Oil, Coal, Natural Gas
Sun, Wind, Water
Energy Crisis
takeholders Map
Harness untapped energies

e.g. earthquake, lightning, tidal, space solar or wind, dark energy
Generate energy or reduce consumption by alternating human body or mind
Live off-the-grid and back to the nature or primitive live-style
Push for Smart Grid as the best solution to tackle the energy crisis
Stakeholder Map
Energy Industry
Scientific Method

ew Entrants
Lots of Convergence from other industries --
Automobile, Retailers, Home Security, Communications, Network Integrators, Manufacturers, etc...
Related Services
takeholders Map
Related Services
elated Services
Architect, Researches, Governments and NGOs will continue has significant impact on Energy Industry
Metal that Breathes?!
"Grow" your home!
Build Home with Sand & Bacteria!
Energy Trilemma
nputs & Producers
Innovations on glasses
4D Printing
Besides new energy types, innovations from other inputs (e.g. glasses, 4D printing) could drive significant changes in energy generation and consumptions
ther Users of Inputs
Hey! Don't forget the "real" boss in the middle --
Planet Earth!!!
lternative Services
Think beyond just energy. What about neuroscience, biology, genetic engineer and ecosystem/ nature?!
Smart Grid
Old Energy Grid
Biomimicry Architecture
ther Buyer Demands
Green School in Bali
Lots of possibilities from every aspects of life!
Technologies & Industries Convergence
Balance of Planetary Boundaries
Smart City/
Mind/ Body/ Lifestyle Change
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