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No description

Luka Ajder

on 18 February 2011

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Transcript of CAD CAM

CAD CAM omputer BY LUKA AJDER DEFINITION OF CAD CAD short for Computer Aided Design is the use of computer programs and systems to design detailed two or three dimensional models of everyday objects, such as:

. Houses
. Cars
. Bridges
. Industrial Components
. Dental Works
. Computer Games . More accurate
. Can be easily programmed to view objects from every angle
. The software can automatically check that the design meets any rules
. The software can check measurements.
. Components designed for the same object fit together properly
. Can be easily changed
. Can be zoomed in for more detailed sections
. Can be rescaled
. Can be quicker
. Drawings can be emailed Advantages of CAD . Can be very expensive
. You need a computer with a lot of processing power to be able to run CAD packages
. You need a large, high quality monitor to be able to see the detail clearly on the screen
. CAD packages can be complex and the user might need to learn a lot before they can use it competently.
. Requires computer literacy DEFINITION OF CAM CAM short for Computer Aided Manufactor. This is a machine that is run by software to control machine tools in assisting manufacturing an object that has been designed by CAD THANK YOU FOR VIEWING MY PRESENTATION omputer ided esign ided anufacture Before CAD? Technical drawings was the process that people used before CAD to make precise engineered products. This was a very long process, drawing by hand onto paper, which was prone to errors. If you wanted to view different angles it required many drawings and calculations of dimensions to get the sense of a 3 dimensional object. Who uses CAD Architects Engineers This shows how CAD can help an architect go into fine detail. The medical profession uses CAD in many ways like designing prosthetics (artificial limbs) MRI Scanners Disadvantages of CAD Now lets have a look at CAM For example; a computer is linked up to a cutting or drilling machine, such as a lathe. Materialis placed in the work area and a CAD file is loaded into the CAM computer. The CAM computer converts the CAD drawing into commands for the machine, cutting or drilling the material into the exact measuremnts taken from the CAD drawing How does CAM work? Cars being manfactred by CAM Advantages and Disadvantges
. Faster Production process
. More precise tooling
. No tea breaks and no sickness so there is a constant production

. There seems to be one main disadvantge that there is Loss of jobs Here is a short video on how CAM can work <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/-BiDF7ACxx4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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