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Unit 18 Assessment types and Tasks

No description

Claudia Bell

on 21 April 2017

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Transcript of Unit 18 Assessment types and Tasks

A report or grade given to students to say how successful or unsuccessful they have been
Informal assessment
When we observe learners to see how well they are doing something and then often give them comments on their performance.
Formal assessment
Evaluation using examiner´s opinion about the quality of the answer.
What do they assess?
interactive strategies
discourse organization
Multiple choice
We should not use a particular testing method just because it is easy to use and to mark, but because they reflect what we are teaching and what are learners need the language for

Assessment tasks
Key concept
Unit 18 Assessment types and Tasks
Means judging learner´s performance by collecting information about it.
Test types
Placement test
Used at the beginning of a course to identify student´s level of language and match them with the right class.
Diagnostic test
Used to find out the student´s language needs and challenges. It helps the teacher to create lesson plans and teaching strategies.
Progress test
Used during a course in order to assess the learning up to that point.
Achievement or summative test

used to see how well students have learnt the language taught in class. Achievement tests are often at the end of term or end of the year and test the main points of what has been taught in that time.
Proficiency test
Used to assess a student´s abilities in a language. The contents of a proficiency test are not chosen according to what has been taught but according to either a fixed standard or specific needs.
A collection of work that a student uses to show what they have done throughout a course or in preparation or exam.
Formative assessment

Is feedback given to students on their progress during a course, rather than at the end of it, so they can use the information to adjust their learning.
Continuous assessment
Assess learners´progress through pieces of work given throughtout the term.
Is giving information to someone about their learning , and what they can do to improve.
They are methods we use for assessing learners
Cloze test
Matching task
odd one out
A test with either right or wrong answers that does not need and examiner´s opinion but can be marked by a machine.
Group discussions
Peer assessment
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