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Questions That Sell

With credit to Paul Cherry

Derrin Hill

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of Questions That Sell

Get to the "Why"
Questions = Partnership
Listen Twice as much as you talk
Lock on questions show you care
Silence IS golden
Questions are power
How long have you been doing _____?
What would you say is different about your organization since you started?
Could you share some experiences you've had in the past with vendors?
Since you've been with the district, what have been some of the challenges?
What led you to go into education, and then into leadership?
Warm up questions
Would share the ideal qualitites you look for in a partner?
If you could enhance one thing about your vendor's qualities, what would that be?
When you originally selected your current vendor what were the criteria? In what ways has that criteria changed today? What would you like to see happen in the future?
Questions to disrupt existing vendor relationships
What do you feel we are doing right to sustain our business relationship?
What could we be doing to further help you ensure you reach your goals?
What's most important to you as we work together to focus on your objectives?
Questions to strengthen existing customer relationships
How does your current situation compare to what you would like it to be?
How do you envision your future three years from now?
What would you like to be doing more of? Less of?
What steps will you have to take in order to make that happen?
What are the benchmarks that will tell you that you've achieved your goal?
Questions to discover problems
What is focusing your attention on _____?
What is driving the need to improve?
Why is this important to you?
If you can achieve this result, what will it mean to you?
What concerns do you have if you are unable to achieve this result? How would this affect you?
"Why" questions
What are the steps your organization has to take to reach a decision on this type of purchase?
Who else in addition to yourself is involved in this process?
Can you help me understand some of the obstacles you anticipate to occur during the decision-making process?
How do other leaders in your district feel about this project?
Questions about who else is involved
How do you measure success with a current vendor?
What are the criteria you use when selecting a vendor?
How do you rank price, service, quality?
Can you give me an example of when your standards of quality were not met?
What do you still need in your district in order to meet the needs we have discussed?
Question on Creating Value
What are the impacts if these problems are not solved?
What are the costs to the district each year if these problems persist?
Impact questions
If we could eliminate that problem what would be the benefit to you and the district?
If we can implement this program, what will it enable you to achieve?
Vision questions
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