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Teacher Education for All

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on 28 January 2017

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Transcript of Teacher Education for All

Steve Mulligan
- he/him/his
Teaching K - Gr 10 & SOGI Consultant (VSB)

Hélène Frohard-Dourlent
- they/them/theirs or she/her/hers
Experiences of K-12 educators who have worked with trans and gender-nonconforming students in BC

Where to Start
Make your support visible
Avoid separating by gender
Choose inclusive language, materials and examples
Use SOGI content to teach competencies
Assume every class has kids this is important for
Help students reflect on their privilege and responsibility to advocate for others.
Capture teachable moments - like "
That's so Gay!
- Do you mean “That’s so awesome!”…
- Do you mean “That’s so stupid?”…
- Draw a racial/religious parallel.
“Gay” refers to a group of people. They
(and many others) are offended
every time they hear this

The basics
Image by Tom Mooring
70% of all students report hearing homophobic expressions EVERY day at school
64% of LGBTQ students feel unsafe at school (washrooms/changerooms MOST unsafe)
37% of trans students and 21% of LGB students report physical harassment or assault
LGBTQ youth continue to have higher rates of tobacco, alcohol, and drug use, anxiety, depression, suicide thoughts/attempts, obesity, STIs, pregnancies and homelessness!
85% of educators approve of SOGI education, but only 37% have participated and 66% in first 5 years said they were not at all prepared
heterosexual youth even benefit from antihomophobia policies and gay-straight alliances

Legal / Mandated Obligations
January 2016
- Select Standing Committee final report on Child and Youth Mental Health in BC specifically names sexual and gender minority youth as particularly marginalized, vulnerable and in need of support and calls for school programs
July 2016
- Gender Identity/Expression added to the BC Human Rights Code
Sept 2016
- MoE directs
schools and districts to protect SOGI minority youth
Territory acknowledgment
UBC is located on the unceded traditional lands of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) nation.

Why is this important to think about this when we do work on gender and sexual diversity?

Because gender and sexual binaries are part of Canada's colonial legacy.
Why does this matter?
The human side
Understanding begins with language...

Gender and Sexuality
are both a SPECTRUM
Moving Beyond Safety

We know that student success and engagement is directly linked to their sense of
and safety
No child should feel alone...
and neither should you!

Steve Mulligan

Dr. Hélène Frohard-Dourlent

Teacher Education for All!
Scarfe 301B

Curriculum entry points
Resources and lesson plans
Community agencies, programs, websites
Chat & Chew - Case Studies/Scenarios
Gender & Sexuality Student Leaders
Guest speakers/presenters
Homework! Youtube video "How privileged are you?" including Buzzfeed test
Support & Resources
Talk with students
People should be themselves, and not pressured to be masculine or feminine
Use words like typical, average, common
Normal is what's right for you!
Gay is not a bad word, but it is wrong to use it in a hurtful way.
LGBT people are everyday people. They are everywhere, have always existed and many have made incredible contributions to the world. Usually we don’t know because it’s an invisible difference.

LGBT people want the same things in relationships as others; love, trust, care
We don’t know why some people are LGBT and others are typical, what’s important is that everyone is respected.
Sexual feelings happen at different ages, and no one should feel rushed.
All people who have sex (regardless of gender or sexual orientation) need to know how to make it safer.
And keep talking!
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