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Looking For Alaska

No description

Ben Stier

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Looking For Alaska

Looking For Alaska
Chip Aka The Colonel
Miles Halter Aka Pudge
Alaska Young
A tall, scrawny, and extremely shy 16 year old from Florida. Pugde decides to go to Culver Creek to find his "Great Perhaps". Pg. 6
Lasting affects of trauma because the whole book is about how people cope with there different issues in different ways.
Arrives at Culver Creek after his parents drop him off.

Pudge gets aquainted with his roommate.
A highly intelligent kid from a trailer park in Birmingham. He is called "The Colonel" because of his highly strategic pranks that he pulls.
After Chip and Miles get acquainted, Chip goes to get a pack of smokes and Pudge gets introduced to Alaska Young...
Super attractive young lady. She has awful mood swings and depression issues due to her moms death that she witnessed when she was young. We don't find the story about her mom out until later in the book. She turns to Pudge to tell her problems to because he doesn't know her that well.
Pudge had his first cigarette with Alaska. As he coughed, choked and got headache off of his one drag Alaska just about smoked hers in one drag. "There she was. She took a drag. I thought the whole cigarette would be gone in that 1 hit." pg. 18.
Takumi is a junior at Culver Creek just like the other three but he is from Japan. He also has a bit of a wild side being that he is "The mother F'n fox"
"Then they hurled me into the water" pg. 25. This quote is what Pudge was thinking his first night at the Creek when the weekday warriors kidnapped him and threw him into the lake.
Over Thanksgiving Alaska also gets Pudge to drink for his first time. It was only him and her sitting by the woods drinking wine. She drank at least twice as much as Pudge did. She started to share her personal life things that she never even shared with Chip or Takumi. "I smoke to die. You guys smoke for fun." pg. 110.
After Thanksgiving when Takumi and Chip returned they devised a plan to mess with the weekday warriors. They camped out in the abandoned barn on campus to camp out. Alaska was to go spike the Warriors hair products while the others distracted the Eagle. After it was done they all went back to the barn and got super drunk. This is when Alaska shared the story about her mom. No one knew that had happened to her or that she had witnessed it and that she has felt like it was her fault for all these years.
After going back to campus and making sure nobody knew Alaska wanted to finish up the rest of the wine that night. So they drank... Alaska got wasted. Pudge got wasted. Chip got wasted. Alaska made out with Pudge... Then her boyfriend called because it was their aniversary. "I JUST HAVE TO GO. HELP ME GET OUT OF HERE." pg. 132. This is the quote from Alaska when she stormed back into the room in rage realizing she had forgotten her mothers death anniversary.
Then it happened. They let her go.
"We didn't say: Don't drive.
We didn't say: We aren't letting you in that car.
We didn't say: We insist on going with you.
We didn't say: This can wait till tomorrow." pg. 132. Alaska Young crashed. Drove straight into a police car. She blew a .24 on the breathalyzer.
She had died. Pudge and Chip were both in utter denial and regret. "But she has to be alive she said to be continued." pg. 147. Pudge spoke his denial while Chip had his ways. "Well 42 there, 42 back. So 85 in total. No 84." pg. 149.
Emotional shock following a stressful event or a physical injury; associated with physical shock and leads to long-term neurosis.
Trauma leads to regret. Regret tears at the insides.
To commemorate Alaska the boys pull of the prank of a lifetime and get a male stripper to come to speaker day. They got everyone in on it so nobody could single handily get busted.
Chip and Pudge went into a state of depression for awhile. They stole the Eagle's breathaluzer to see how drunk Alaska was. They smoked a lot heavier now and just couldnt cope...
By the end Pudge finally solves Alaska's Labyrinth and figures out how to cope. He realized the key is forgiveness. "So I know she forgives me. And I forgive her" pg. 219.
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