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ABP 030 - Non-Linear Texts - Introducing Pie Charts

This unit looks at how information is presented in pie charts, and the language used to understand and explain the data.

Ian Rogers

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of ABP 030 - Non-Linear Texts - Introducing Pie Charts

ABP 030 - Non-Linear Texts Introducing Pie Charts pie chart (n) - A pie chart is a type of chart with the shape of a pie or circle. It presents the relationship of different parts of the data. One would easily see the biggest or smallest share of the total data, by simply looking at the pie chart. 1. Parts of Pie Chart title
legend (n) - a list that explains the symbols on a map
chart with data a) Look at the sample pie chart above
Find each of the 3 parts Sometimes pie charts do not have a legend 2. Making a Pie Chart a) To make a pie chart, first we need some data
to input on the chart. Look at the table below. What does this table show?
How can we show this information on a pie chart? b) Use Microsoft Excel to make a pie chart. Watch
the teacher and follow the instructions. Your chart will look like this: 3. Describing Pie Charts
What can you say about the pie chart above? a) Write 3 sentences to describe the data in the chart b) Answer the following questions about the data:
How many students were in the class?
How many students failed the exam?
What percentage of students had a grade higher than 90 %? How to calculate percentage???

1. Use a calculator
2. Take the number in question (5 students)
3. Divide by the total number (24 students)
4. Multiply by 100
5. Round to the nearest 1 (20.8 = 21)

5 / 24 = 0.208333 x 100 = 20.8 = 21% c) Write 3 questions you could ask about this chart d) Look at the paragraph below describing the chart. Fill in the blanks with the correct vocabulary words.

half passed failed obtained between chart nine

The ________ shows the grades _________ by students in a class. Overall almost 90% of the students _________.

More than _______ of the students obtained a very good grade, with 5 getting a mark _________ 90%-100% and 8 getting a mark between 80%-100%. _________ students passed the test with a mark in the 70s, while only two students ________.
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