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Mohammad Alshaikh

on 28 February 2014

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- Saudi Arabia is experiencing economic growth.
- GPD of Saudi Arabia = 576.8 billion dollars (2011).
_ 100% of the country's 28.3 million citizens follow Islam.
* Duties of being a Muslim:
* five daily prayers.
* Ramadan - Fasting.
* No Interest.
- 16% of percent of woman work.
- The Government is advancing.
- All women are expected to cover their entire body.
- Men and Women greet but do not shake hands (unless offered by the female).
- It is not uncommon to find female business associates.
"Asalamu-'alaikum" - May Peace Be Upon You
"Wa'alaikum Asalam" - And May Peace Be To You
* Accompanied by handshakes (hand holds).*

ex. Sheikh John ex. Sayyida Sarah ex. Hajji William
Background -The Role of Religion
Introductions - Manners
The Dress Code, The Meals, and The Complimentary Gifts
Business is Personal - Honoring Your Spoken Word
Gender - The Female Roll in Business
Background - The Role of Religion
Introductions and Manners
The Dress Code, The Meals, and The Complimentary Gifts.

- Residents wear traditional clothing: a "thob" and a "hutta".
- Propper attire for non-resident males include dark suits and ties.
- Men must be modest in their clothing, covering their body despite the heat.
- "Dinner time" is later in the evening. Dinner parties are held at homes.
- All gifts are excepted. Gifts should be appropriate;
Sweets, Gift Cards, Watches

Meal Guidelines Include:
Gender - The Female Role in Business
Business Is Personal ~ Honoring Your Word
- Business is hectic, stressful, and disorganized.
- Meeting places are informal.
- Revolves around family ties, personal relationships, trust, and honor.
- "mow'id ingleeza": English Meetings
- Patience is key in meetings.
- Meetings are circular in nature.
- Verbal agreements are considered more important than written down agreements.

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