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No description

elliott coleman

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of OYSTERS

Double click anywhere & add an idea OYSTERS by: Anton Chekhov setting The setting took place in front of and inside a restaurant on the busy streets of Moscow. CHARACTERS the boy
the father
passerbys MAIN IDEA A boy and his father are reduced to being beggars on the streets of Moscow. They stood outside a restaurant that has a place card with the word "oysters" on it. The boy asks his father what oysters are, he tells him it is an animal that lives in the sea. As soon as the father tells him, the boy starts to imagine delicious foods that are made with oysters, until he asks if it was a Lenten dish. When the father tells his son that they are eaten alive and have shells, the boy gets a completely different immage, a discusting one. At the same time that the boy is day dreaming, his father ask some men to help them, the boy shouts out simultaniously that he wants oysters, the men think it is funn that the boy likes oysters. They then take the boy into the restaurant and give him oysters. Later the father regrets not asking the men for money to eat. CONFLICT The conflict in this story would be when the father and son ar reduced to begging, and the father is hesitant to ask for help. The father wants to ask, but is ashamed. Because the father did ask for help, he later regreted it. by: ellis elliott:)
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