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Mel P.

on 16 March 2012

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Transcript of Praseodymium

Praseodymium By: Melenie Peters Where is Praseodymium on the Periodic Table? The Atomic Number? Definition of... Atomic Number:
the number of protons in the
nucleus, which determines the
chemical properties and where
the element is placed on the
periodic table Praseodymium's atomic number is 59. The Atomic Mass??? Atomic Mass:
mass of an atom,
written in AMUs
(atomic mass units) Praseodymium's atomic mass is about 140.90765 What period and group is Praseodymium in??? First, what are groups and periods? Groups are the vertical
columns on the Periodic
Table that contain elements
having the same number
of electrons in the outer
most shell of their atom. Periods are any of the seven horizontal rows that contain elements put in order of increasing atomic number on the Periodic Table. Praseodymium's group is 3. Praseodymium's period is 6. Praseodymium's state of matter a room temperature is solid. State of matter at room temperature
is the state of matter (solid, liquid, gas)
that an element is at room temperature
(about 72° F). Protons are a positively charged particle that is a part of all atomic nuclei. Protons are positively charged particles that are a part of all atomic nuclei. Electrons are the particles that are a part of matter, having a negative charge. Neutrons are particles having no charge and mass slightly greater than that of a proton. Number of Protons: 59 Number of Neutrons: 82 Number of Electrons: 59 What is Praseodymium's Melting Point???
The melting point is 935 degrees Celcius. Melting point:
the temperature at which
a solid melts What is Praseodymium's Boiling Point??? The Boiling Point is
3520 degrees Celcius. Boiling Point:
the temperature at which
a liquid changes to a gas or
vapor Compounds of Praseodymium: Compounds:
a substance consisting of atoms of two or more different elements joined by chemical bonds into a molecule
Praseodymium difluoride: PrF2 Praseodymium and Fluoride
Dipraseodymium pentabromide: Pr2Br5
Praseodymium and Bromide Praseodymium diiodide: PrI2 Praseodymium and Iodides green glass
welding masks
photographic filters Praseodymium Fluoride Crystals Praseodymium's main use is as an alloying agent with magnesium to create high-strength metals that are used in aircraft engines. Thank you... Are there any questions??????
Remember, it's pronounced
prey-zee-oh-dim-ee-um. It's pronounced:
prey-zee-oh-dim-ee-um Electrons are negatively charged particles in an atom
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