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How Future technology might effect communications

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Katie Evans

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of How Future technology might effect communications

How Future technology might effect communications
Communications Now
Telephones went to house phone which have buttons to dial on the phone itself and its not connected to the phone station.
Mobile phones now are iPhones and smart phones which you can call people, go on internet and download apps.
You can download apps from the app store which allow you to text for free.
By Katie
Communications in the future
Future communications are about what will happen in the future.The fact that existence equals communication is truer than ever nowadays. We live in a world that communicates. Maybe too much, maybe too less but certainly in an incremental (slow and gradual pace)so this examplifies what might happen in the latter future and maybe might improve on later life. these such as touch screen and face to face communications nowadays and in later life.trool,
By Kevin
In conclusion to all of the information in this prezi communications have changed a lot in time and they will be changing for the future to make the communications even better!
By Katie
Communications back then
Telephones were connected by a wire to the phone station. The Phone stations had something which you had to turn a dial.
There were only letters so you would have to wait for weeks for the letter to get to the person you sent it to.
The shopping you would have to write what you wanted on a order sheet. It would get to you a couple of days later
Mobile phones were like little bricks which all you could do was call people.
By Katie
Bad points about technology
Some bad points about the technology these days are that people take too long on the computers or phones and they could get blood clot.
This may improve in the future or it may make it worse!
If it was made worse it could effect all types of problems such as epilepsy, blood clots etc.
Because of Facetime and Skype we might lose the chances of talking face to face in real life! It would all be through a machine.
By Katie
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