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What is Music Therapy?

A interactive approach to teaching pediatric nurses about our profession and how we can work together as a treatment team for the health and well-being of patients.

Katy Doyle

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of What is Music Therapy?

What is Music Therapy? "Music therapy is an evidence-based practice of the use of music by a board certified music therapist to help patients of all ages reach non-musical goals." Possible Goals at the hospital...
pain management
decrease depression and anxiety to treatment procedures
enhance quality of life
increase coping skills
normalizing environment
increase self-expression This is an evidence-based practice that adresses all 5 developmental domains: Communication, Cognitive, Physical, Psychological, and Social-Emotional Music Therapy could be a part of the treatment team Who can we potentially work with:
Occupational Therapists
Physical therapists
Speech and Language pathologists
Social Workers
Child life specialists Here are some of our interventions...
1. Instrument playing
2. Lyric analysis
3. Song writing
4. Music for relaxation How did this make you feel? So What can music do? It gives perspective. It connects. It redirects. It supports. It remembers the past. It hopes for the future. Music soothes. - Masayo Watanabe, M.D. In a hospital for children, it's all about pain, tears, fears, anxiety, medicine, and needle pokes. In our treatment, it's all about independence in choice-making, distraction from painful procedures, normalizing and providing a calming environment, and a positive outlet for independent expression for each indiviudal patient. Hospital Music Therapy, Pt. 1
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