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The Nibras Network

No description

Fatama Zohra

on 22 August 2014

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Transcript of The Nibras Network

Gifari Hoque
Nibras is a really nice and cool friend. Nibras and I actually met out of the blue in basketball. I had weight training and he had regular gym. By the near end of the semester my teacher Mr. Cohen used to bring us to regular gym to play basketball with them for fun, and I just randomly met Nibras there. He introduced me to Hassan there as well. I found out later that Nibras used to go to Anushilan, Khans, etc. Nibras would usually always be there for you, in times of need, and will fight for you in serious matters.I am grateful that Nibras and I met, without meeting him, I don't think I would've found a group of friends who I can talk to and hang out with. Nibras is also into sports such as skating, playing handball, billiards, eating, etc. Overall, he'll always be a friend even after the tough times we've been through and the more to come.
"I'm grateful that Nibras and I met..."
Murrim Shahid

Hey Nibras! It was great meeting you this school year! I hope you had a great birthday and keep your hacking skills going strong because I might need you in the future LOL. You're very funny and I hope you get all your wishes this year. You're really old now, hahahaha. Sucks for you, but seventeen is cool. But yeah, happy birthday!
"...I hope you get all your wishes this year."
Anisha Nushrat
To Nibras,
I met you a year ago but I feel like I have known you for so long. You are a really sweet person who is caring and just fun to be around. You are funny and I love talking to you about Harry Potter. We can talk about the books and the movies for hours! Your HP fan fics are really good and I want to read more of them.
I just want to say you are a great friend to have around and that we should really hang out more often.
"I feel like I have known you for so long."
Mariam Shoukat
Hey Nibras, happy birthday! I am so grateful that I met you last semester because you have been such a great and an amazing friend. You're really sweet and you can listen to anyone's problems. You're also good with computers, so I will keep that in handy . You're especially amazing for liking Harry Potter;you're a Potterhead like me! Never stop being one LOL. I hope you had a great birthday, well obviously you would because you were with me... and the others, but yeah ME. lol just kidding hope you liked the cake because we put a lot of effort in it. If you didn't, OHH WELLS, SWERVE. I hope we still remain friends in the future-I really hope so.
"I hope we still remain friends in the future..."
The Nibras Network
What your friends think of you
Annie Zohra (Fatama)
Nibras,I have many things to say to you, but if I were to write them all here, this box would possibly quadruple in size. In all honesty, you're a really cool guy to be around and you can bring a smile on anyone's face. We are often our own critic, harsh ones, but know that sometimes being too critical can drain out the fun in life. You're talented and you'll go far in life. Your various talents include technology, handball, music and,the most important thing, being a good person and friend. I know I can count on you if I'm sad or have any trouble and I know you'll be there for me in a heart beat. You're a great little brother who treats me like the little sister and you're an important member to this group.Without you, it would not be the same.
"You're talented and you'll go far in life."
"...you're honestly the best brother figure I've had in my life."
Hassan Tariq
Ugh, Nibras. Where do I even start? First and foremost, you're honestly the best brother figure I've had in my life. On the days where I hate the world and just want to lock myself in a closet, I can rely on you to cheer me up with your stupid little jokes. :) Handball is life for you, huh? Just...try not to get raped at field...again. Over the three blissful years I've known you, I've gotten the chance to learn so many things from you. Honestly, I hope that even after high school is over, this bond doesn't break. Well, we're going to the same college so that'll be easy. ;) Just like every other person in this little group, you play an important part and without you, there would just be an empty and shallow feeling to it all. Anyways, you're a great guy to be around and anyone would be lucky to have you as the dear friend that you are to us. :)
Nibras Ahmed
As the years go by and as time ticks slowly but surely, you'll be faced with many obstacles and hindrances hampering your goals and path. Don't worry though, you'll get through them-- just like the seventeen other previous years. You just need to keep remembering that you are:
A dreamer
An achiever
A climber
A person with good character
A great person with amazing family and friends
Anything that you want yourself to be.

What you need to think of yourself
Shaista Shoukat
Nibras, I can't believe how we became friends. You were just a dude on the handball court and next thing you know we were playing handball. Soon after, we began hanging out and that Halloween day was super fun! I think it was that day that we actually became a group. I do have to admit, life without you would be very different indeed. I love how you're a Potterhead, we rule because of that.You've always been such a cool and sweet guy.I'm glad to have you in my life. Happy birthday!
"I'm glad to have you in my life."
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