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What Is An Engineer

No description

Jeffrey Tetreault

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of What Is An Engineer

a person trained and skilled in design, construction, public works, and use of engines or machines. Engineer- Aerospace Engineering Helps air transportation Agricultural Engineering Machines like this......... and the processed food is
brought to stores like this Architectural Engineering Floor plans like this..... Makes buildings like this possible Biomedical Engineering and space technology cut and gather food like this...... Helps keep people healthy
by using machines like this and these to help people Chemical Engineering People like this....... create chemicals, which are
used in everyday life Build things like bridges... and dams Whats Is an engineer? Computer/Software Engineering Create computers, which most
people use everyday. Electrical Engineering Jeffrey,
You started off strong with the presentation.....then it "wandered".....missing more that half of the areas
Gotta Get Going!
65% Design, develop, test and supervise electrical systems and electronic devices, such as....... and Environmental Engineer Apply science and engineering to help
the environment For example, they create safe
ways to transport nuclear waste. Geological Engineering Do stuff like this Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineers Use mathematics to solve problem like nuclear waste Manufacturing Engineering Use production lines to mass produce items like this Mechanical Engineering Create these Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Do this to make...... steel and other useful metal compunds Mineral and Mining Engineering
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