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The Problem With Greenville

Their is a nickel smelting company trying to put a plant in our neighbourhood

Forerunner Nighthawk

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of The Problem With Greenville

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By: Ratul Momen The Greenville Issue Whats going on? The great town of Greenville. A great place that has a population of 6,000, a rich boreal forest, a wide variety of wildlife and a spring with a surrounding pond.It is the main source of Greenvilles water supply. Unfortunately a company called M.C. Nickel (a company that mines and processes nickel) want to open a new plant is located near Greenville Plants that process nickel cause pollution and acid rain. This is very bad because it can contaminate our water supply and cause difficulty breathing along with a noticeable smell.The town of Greenville also has children. Do we really want our children to live in a place like that ? How Much Safety There Really Is Processing plants often are dangerous. Everybody makes mistakes. Combine the two and there is a lot more at stake. If a mistake happens, not only will the people working inside the plant will be affected, but everyone near it as well. That includes Greenville as well. After The Plant Is Approved If the plant is approved, there will be a increase in pollution, acid rain will occur and if a mistake happens, everyone in Greenville will be affected in a negative way. My Point My point here is that Greenville might find some pros if the plant is approved, but all the cons out weigh the pros in a landslide. Overall I propose we stop the entire thing. Health Issues The Families That Live In Greenville What will happen to them if the plant is built? Simple. They either stay here and suffer the pollution and acid rain or they leave all they built in Greenville. Either one is terrible, and if the plant is built, each one is inevitable.
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