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Newton's Tree

My research plans for the next three years

Marie Bassford

on 3 February 2017

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Transcript of Newton's Tree

What I am doing now...
Visual Sensor Prototype
Physics Education/Pedagogy
Research Informed Teaching
Outputs (2020)
Project Developments
On-going work
The Bearing of Fruit - EIG
Outputs (2020)
The Bearing of Fruit - Raising my research profile
Outputs (2020)
The bearing of fruit - 3*/4* papers (REF)
Targetting specific journals:
Medical Engineering and Physics, Brain

My research plans for the next three years
Marie Bassford MPhys PhD MInstP
Programmable cameras & optics
RIF & HEIF funding
3 IEEE & IET conference papers (2014/15/2016):
Visual Monitoring/Control
Intelligent Fisheye Camera
Non-invasive monitoring of Intelligent Environment (Honeybee Hive)
Physics Prog development & cross-Faculty collaborations (HLS)
Maggie Philbin's TeenTech
"Car Crash"
Widening Participation/Outreach
Cross-Faculty "STEM" module Forensic Investigation (TIP funded)
Long-listed HEA CATE award
3 conference papers (2015/2016), 1 journal paper (2016) on themes of "connectivism", "real learning and assessment", "avatar empathy"
Rolls Royce - miniature camera development
Everards - High Dynamic Range Imaging/Physics of splashes
New physics module PHYS2002 Optics

Developing link with Saffron Heath
Multiple sensors, Fuzzy Logic
STEM2001: Statistical Analysis of student performance Physics V Maths V Criminology
Physics and Autism:
TIP proposal - analysis of student performance
Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange (ABIDE)
- accelerate our understanding of the neural bases of autism
Research Objectives
New ideas/Focus
Grants/Contract Research
PhD Supervision
Journal papers

Contract Research
St Gobain
EPSRC, Medical Research Council

Within TECH: physics SIG/involvement with e-Psi
Collaborations across DMU (Medical Physics, HLS)
Networking nationally and Internationally
Conference Program Committee membership (currently IE'17)
Journal reviewing (currently Sensors)
Chartered Physicist
"We build too many walls and not enough bridges"

- Isaac Newton
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