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No description

Jamie Sauve

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Kitchen

Appliances and cabinets form a continuous line along 2 adjoining walls. L-Shaped Kitchen Style Kitchen Styles L-shaped Kitchen Island Kitchen Style Often found in large rooms, counter stands alone in center of room, can serve as a mixing center, eating area etc. Island Shaped Kitchen U-Shaped Kitchen Peninsula Kitchen One Wall Kitchen Galley Kitchen Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages and Disadvantages Jamie Sauve U-Shaped Kitchen All appliances and cabinets are arranged in a continuous line along three adjoining walls. Peninsula Kitchen Found in larger rooms, counter often extends into the room, the peninsula can serve as storage space or an eating area. One Wall Kitchen All appliances and cabinets are along one wall, most apartments have these. Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages of kitchen islands are many; added counter space, added storage, and sometimes even an extra cook-top. The added counter space is one of the main reasons people install them, but islands are manufactured or can be designed to fit almost any purpose. The advantage of adding a permanent model is that it can be equipped with electricity, and often other convenience appliances such as a food prep sink or additional stove top. Disadvantages of permanent and freestanding kitchen islands. The main disadvantage of a permanent island is that it is permanent, it stays put no matter what. Another disadvantage of both styles is that, unless you have a large kitchen, it takes up floor space, Advantages of kitchen peninsulas are many; efficient for small kitchen space, adjust to any length, divides the kitchen into multiple work sites. The open floor is one of the main reasons people have the peninsula kitchen. Disadvantages of kitchen peninsulas are fewer; not good for multiple cooks, not efficient for larger kitchens, and traffic throughout the kitchen. Disadvantages of having a one wall kitchen; lack of counter space, difficult to contain clutter, lack of sociability. Advantage of having a one-wall kitchen is that it saves you a lot of space. Since your kitchen takes only a wall you can use the other parts of the room for a table, etc. Another advantage is that it can keep your work flow running smoothly. This is because all work zones are only a few feet from each other Advantages of having a u-shaped kitchen; fits any size kitchen, wide "U" can support a kitchen island if desired, can convert a cabinet side to a breakfast bar, no traffic through work zone. Disadvantages of a U-shaped kitchen; bottom corner cabinets may be harder to reach at times, not as good for socializing, long distance for walking sometimes. Advantages of having a L-shaped Kitchen; flexible in a variety of arrangements, great for a smaller space, can use one side of the kitchen as a wall divider. Disadvantages of having a L-shaped kitchen; kitchen triangle work flow is longer and more challenging, may be difficult for larger kitchens. Advantages of having a galley kitchen; excellent use of the kitchen triangle, lots of workspace and cabinets, great for small apartments, great for ONE cook to move around. Disadvantages of having a galley kitchen; can be difficult for traffic coming and going through the kitchen, needs good lighting may get dark. Nontraditional Kitchens Island/ Peninsula Island/ One-wall Peninsula/ Island/ U-shaped Galley Kitchen appliances and cabinets are arranged on two non- adjoining walls.
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