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No description

karen delfin

on 1 October 2015

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Transcript of Family

My Nuclear Family
Monogamy or Polygamy
Authority Pattern
Economic Security
Dual-Earner Family
One parent Family

Primary Relatives
Secondary Relatives
Tertiary Relatives
Great- Grandparents are the best story tellers and history teachers.
Father's Side
Mother's Side
Father's Side
Mother's Side
Great Grandmother Rogelia Valdivia
Great Grandfather Lorenzo Delfin
Great Grandmother Rosa Castillo- Barajas
My family prefers to be in a monogamist marriage under the Catholic church, but a few members have married more than once.
Residential Pattern
Emotional Security
Remarriage and Step Families
Sandwich Generation
Extended Family
When I was born my parents had a one story house, but I grew up living in a big 3 story house. Now we live in a 2 story town house.
My mother has always been the strict one. Both my stepfather and father let me do whatever I want.
My parents married October 28, 1995. My mother was 17 and my father was 25. My mom gave birth to my oldest brother on February 18, 1994. They delayed the marriage for a year because of their age difference. It was only a year, so it changed nothing. My mother waiting for my brother to enter school before having me. And Luis and Jonathon were so late, because my parents tried to wait until we were old enough to separate and start new families.
My father was apart of the sandwich generation, but my mother wasn't. My father's adoptive mother died when I was in elementary school, but my mother's mother was healthy enough to have a child a year before I was born.
I have always had a dual- earner family. My mother and father owned a Pizza De Roma when I was growing up. Now, my mother and stepfather work. My stepfather works in a wood factory and my mother works at a cell phone company.
Oldest Brother
Middle Brother
Youngest Brother
Step Grandfather
Father Freddy
Aunt Isaura
Aunt Maggie
Aunt Lorena
Cousin Mario
Cousin Monica
Cousin Bianca
Cousin Manolo
Cousin Tita
Cousin Daniela
Cousin Korrine
Cousin Jr.
Brother Freddy
Brother Jonathon
Aunt Maria
Uncle Salvador
Aunt Josefina
Cousin Richy
Brother Freddy
Brother Luis
Uncle Roberto
Cousin Yasleen
Uncle Javier
Aunt Crystal
Cousin Tony
Cousin Ariana
Cousin Selina
Cousin Ricky
Cousin Angel
Cousin Fransisco
(Grandmother's Mother)
(Grandmother's Parents and my father's adoptive parents.)
My oldest brother Freddy.
My father, Freddy. And my mother, Mariana.
And me.
My brothers may have different parents, but to me there's no difference.
These are the people you can always count on to be there.
Both of my parents have life insurance policies and I also have a college fund.
My family is very supportive of who I am and who I want to be.
My parent's divorced when I was in middle school. They shared custody, so for a while I was always angry and depressed. My brother enlisted in the army and my mother worked all the time just to keep us afloat.
When my dad left in 2010 and filed for divorce, my mom became the head of our new one-parent family for the few years before she met my stepdad. And we faced a ton of problems. For one, our house was for families with dual earner parents, my mom couldn't keep up with the payments, so we lost it to the bank. And with so many expenses, there was a tight budget all the time. It didn't help that both me and my brother were taking sides.
Both of my parents remarried. My father married a Salvadorian named Noemi, and my mother married a Guatemalan named Fito. My stepmother has a son in El Salvador and a son with my father. My stepdad has a son with my mother.
I hate my stepmother, she's mean and judgmental
But my stepdad is nice and fun
I've never met my stepbrother but I think he has ADHD
My stepdad acts like a kid sometimes but in a fun way
I love both of my half brothers
I just hate that I don't get to see my father's son as often as I'd like.
Both my parent's lost their father's at the age of 7. My father's adoptive dad (My great-grandfather) was killed in a car accident and my mother's father was shot. It gave them something in common and this ultimately created my family.
Values, Morals, And Concepts
Family: We always say that family is the only sure thing in life that will always be there through thick and thin. You always do what you can for family because they would do the same for you.
Religion: "God has a plan."
Responsibility: "Choices have consequences"
Reliability: People remember who's always there.
Respect: "Treat others the way you'd like to be treated."
Honesty: "Thou shall not lie"
Acceptance: "Everyone was made in God's image"
Maturity/ Independence: When things were tough, you just had to grow up.
Fun: "You're never too old for Chuck E. Cheese."
Tradition: "Never forget where you came from"
You'll always have family.
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