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PIP Business Continuity

No description

Jean-François De Clerck

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of PIP Business Continuity

Risks Business Continuity
Plan CC&R 1 Objectives Business Continuity
@ ING Promoting Integrity Programme
Business Continuity “ING’s Continuity, everyone’s business!” 1 3 16 Strikes Bring People to safety Reduce consequential damage to ING Inform ING's key stakeholders Continue business Understand the organisation Determine the business continuity management Develop & implement BCM response Exercise, test, maintain & review Business Continuity Management Business
Continuity Continuity Risk Management Crisis management Disaster Recovery Accountability First line is accountable and appoints one or more business continuity coordinators Each entities develop, implement and maintain business continuity, disaster recovery and crisis management arrangements. Business responsibilities Process Crisis Management Crisis Communication
to personnel Communication
to Press &
Customers Info &
to staff Meeting
Crisis center Access to
IT resources BCP Communication
Plan proposal Communication
Plan Communication
Plan Crisis Center Team Communication
takes urgent actions Where to go ? Quick actions ? How to
communicate ? What to tell to clients
and other ING locations ? Continuity is strongly linked with ING's
Customer Centricity To meet our customers
expectations we need business
continuity under any circumstances
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