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Dylan Bercutt

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Senior at the University of Oklahoma
Graduating May 2014
Sponsorship Chair of Gamma Beta Phi
Member of the Energy Management Student Association
Enjoy playing sand volleyball
Grandfather worked as a geologist for Exxon 1958-1992
Renewal Project Overview
Worked with the Appalachia group dealing with
Updating Weekly Broker Reports
Auditing Acreage
Verifying and Disseminating Broker Invoices
Reviewing Title

Renewal and Extension Areas in Scope
Consolidated Master Workbook
Weekly Broker Reports
Quarterly Workbooks
Renewal updates -
Extended options -
Dropped leases -
Leases rejected -

Marcellus Acreage Classification
Classes are determined by desirability and competitiveness
Recommendation Matrix

Invoice Charges
Reviewing Title
Key Take Aways
Familiarized myself with title and run sheets
Became aware of the complexity in dealing with
Landman related issues
Gained knowledge and awareness to auditing acreage counts and provided summarized format to be used in proposal
Recognize and organized broker updates to increase efficiency
Teamwork is truly a crucial part to being a successful Landman
2013 Lease Renewal
and Extension

Weekly Broker Report
Renewed Leases Spreadsheet
Extended Options Spreadsheet
Thank you
Auditing Acreage Counts
Dylan Bercutt
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