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Distributor assessment tool

No description

Wiliam Bognar

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Distributor assessment tool

Distributor assessment tool
Marian Ardeleanu & Wiliam Bognar
MARS Romania
Traditional Trade in Romania
- Route to market -
Traditional Trade
25k outlets (72%)
Specialist channel
1.4k outlets (98%)
34 warehouses
14 distributors
What we expect from our distributors
Long-term partnership

Joint business planning and objectives


Respecting the agreement

Trust & transparency

Pursue of development, not only stability
Financial stability

Investment in trade

Scale and competitive advantage
Focus on distribution

Support listings & 2nd placements

Analysis on customer/SKU level

Respect routes and deliver on time & in full

Quality and focused sales force
Process steps:
1. Classify distributors by a range of criteria:
-quality of distribution
-financial sustainability
-logistic capabilities

2. Have a balanced approach in terms of the distributor's assessment: a system made of benchmarks, combined with the manager's experience

3. Define and agree action plans for development/improvement

4.Permanent monitoring - once per year: financial stability report, audit of the warehouses and distribution assessment
Logistics and warehouse quality
-The tool in practice-

An insight into our biggest Traditional Trade partner, Dinamica
The advantages of the tool
We use a SIMPLER tool in order to assess our partners FASTER and to become STRONGER as a business.
Assess and maintain competitive advantage
Good measure for improving quality distribution
It is an easy and direct tool
Classification of our clients by size and distribution&financial quality
Distribution quality and financial stability
2) Logistics and warehouse - modern aspects of any business.

1) financial stability and quality of distribution - the traditional aspect
The tool has two parts
Thank you!
42% Net Sales
Part 1
Quality of distribution - 15 criteria
Financial stability -5 criteria
Distribution and financial matrix

Logistics and warehouse matrix
Finance and distribution matrix
The pilot
Part 2
Logistic capabilities - 10 criteria
Warehouse quality - 18 criteria
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