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635-Public Library Marketing to Immigrants

Group Project for LBSC 635. Kady MacFarlane Donna Koh Pui-Man Mak Joelle Mornini

Kady MacFarlane

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of 635-Public Library Marketing to Immigrants

The Questions What services do public libraries in the DC and Baltimore area offer for immigrants? How do these services compare to public libraries in high immigrant density markets around the country? How do public libraries in the D.C. and Baltimore area market their services to immigrants? How does this compare to the marketing strategies of public libraries in high-immigrant density markets around the country? The Approach Literature review of previous research done on library services for immigrants Review of 10 websites for library systems in high immigrant density markets that have been recognized for their services for immigrants against the checklist Developed checklist featuring services commonly offered to immigrants Review of the 4 library websites that we visited in the D.C. and Baltimore area against the checklist Personal visits to 4 library systems in the D.C. and Baltimore area to talk to staff and expand understanding of services offered to immigrants What We Found... Literature Review What We Found... What We Found... What We Found... What We Found... What We Found... What We Found... Martin Luther King Jr. Branch
(Washington D.C.)
Southeast Anchor Branch of the Enoch Pratt Free Library
(Baltimore, MD) Hyattsville Branch
(Prince George County, MD) Central Library
(Howard County, MD) Hyattsville is a larger, urban library The branch uses Interpretalk phone translation system Information on services mainly on website, but only in English Large multilingual collections in Spanish, French, Chinese Korean, Vietnamese Online calendar only in English, catalogue in English and Spanish Materials in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, German, Hindi, and more Online catalog can be viewed in English and Spanish Cultural Connections Project Literacy Highlights from Non-Local Library Websites Queens Library (Queens, NY)

Los Angeles Public Library (Los Angeles, CA)

Miami-Dade Public Library (Miami, FL)

Hartford Public Library (Hartford County, CT)

Seattle Public Library (Seattle, WA) Pima County Library
(Tuscon, AZ)

Denver Public Library
(Denver, CO)

Austin Public Library
(Austin, TX)

Hennepin County Library
(Hennepin County, MN

Berkeley Public Library
(Berkeley, CA) Suggestions for Local Libraries
Outreach including community groups, immigrant advocacy group, and education centers
Advertise library programs at these facilities Partnerships with businesses and leaders in the community Multilingual versions of the website:
Basic information and ESL services
Multilingual online catalogs and calendars Non-English section of flyers and pamphlets, organized according to language and clearly labeled Bilingual chat reference services Public Libraries Services for Immigrants Concluding Thoughts Local Libraries already have some innovative and creative services for immigrants including Interpertalk and multilingual programs With many resources already in place, focus should now go towards community outreach. This includes: Reference and User Services Association (2007). Guideline for Library Services to Spanish-Speaking Library Users. http://www.lita.org/ala/mgrps/divs/rusa/resources/guidelines/guidespanish.cfm US Citizenship and Immigration Services(USCIS). (2010). Library Services for Immigrants: A Report on Current Practices. US Citizenship and Immigration Services Spotlight on... Understanding population demographics Ongoing cultural awareness trainning for staff Libraries as a point of acculturation Outreach to new immigrants Partnerships with community organizations to close the information gap Online and print media services the strategic location of the library partnerships with community organizations that serve immigrants on-going staff training for diversity library and community information in Spanish in highly visible areas of the library computer access/ bilingual technology training enthusiastic and dedicated staff Extensive collections in various languages Adult Literacy Center Lack of staff training and organization of resources Limited website resources A focus on the patrons and continued monitoring of their needs and demographics Collaborative partnerships with community organizations An internal reference sheet listing staff members and the languages they speak
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