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Copy of The Battle of Yorktown Interactive Map

Project for Mr. Tripodi's 8th Grade Honor's History Class

Scott Petry

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of The Battle of Yorktown Interactive Map

The Battle of Yorktown
By: Philip Arrigo
The American victory in Saratoga
helps convince the French to ally
with them.
The Americans and French sign the Treaty of Alliance, making the U.S. and France allies
against the British.
Ben Franklin,
U.S. ambassator
to France
The British move south and capture
Savannah and Charlestown (Charleston),
as well as claiming a large victory in the
Battle of Camden.

Battle of Camden, 1780
The British march to Yorktown,Virginia, where
they were expecting to be rescued by a British fleet that would take
them back to New York.
The Americans were positioned
on the right side, which is an
honorary position in battle.
The French were
on the left, and their
navy blocked a Birtish escape.
The British were surrounded.
The Americans and French
rained cannon fire on yorktown.
The Americans and French
assulted British redoubts for 2 days.
The Surrender
Knowing it was
hopeless for them,
Lord Cornwallis decides
to surrender his British
Cornwallis was too "ill" to attend
the surrender.
After negotiation, the British
agreed to surrender their entire army.
The British asked for a traditional Honors of War, where
the men march with dignity, flags waving, muskets shouldered,
and playing an American tune as a tribute to the victorious army.
But, Washington; remembering that the British refused that privilege
at Charleston, refused.
Instead, the Bristish had to march with flags furled,
muskets reversed in shame; and legend has it that
the drummers and fifers played "The World Turn'd Upside Down,
a British folk song.
8,000 men, 214 artillery pieces, thousands of muskets,
24 ships, wagons and horses were captured.
Here is a great video from "The Patriot"
(clean) showing Yorktown
The Aftermath
88 American & French killed

301 Americans & French wounded
142-309 British dead
326-595 British wounded prisoners
7,416-7,685 British captured
Washington's men remained in
New Windsor, New York until
the war ended.
The British fleet arrived 5 days
later, picking up any Loyalists left.
The Treaty of Paris was signed
2 years later to end the war.
It said that the U.S. was to be
recognized as an independant
nation seperate from the crown.
Signed page of
the treaty
Main Idea: The Battle of Yorktown was the battle that won the war for the United States.
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The End!
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