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Social media engagement

No description

Sophie Baron

on 10 August 2016

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Transcript of Social media engagement

Social media engagement
for major events
Watch this first!
What's Twitter?
New tool: Tweetdeck/Buffer

What's Facebook?
What's Instagram?
What's Vine?
What's Snapchat?
Post regularly
Tag brands/people involved
Target posts
Boost posts
Use photo/video accompaniment with every post
Follow relevant business and/or people
Delete hate speech and/or inappropriate posts from your followers
ALWAYS Respond to questions and/or respectful comments on your page
Post too often
Use more than one hashtag
Tag brands not directly affiliated with your post
Join comment wars
Like your own posts
Post text only
Follow inappropriate pages or businesses you’re in competition with
New Tool: Facebook Live
perfect for interview content that is more conversational in tone and won’t make it to broadcast
engages viewers by allowing them to ask questions live and interact with video producers
able to track viewers, likes, comments, and general reception
remains on Facebook so viewers who miss the “live” aspect will be able to see the video in its entirety
creates a personal bond between audience and business
ability to send notifications to people who “like” your page informing them that a Facebook Live is being broadcast
Hear it from the expert:
"It is possible to use Facebook too much. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. If we have a really important story and we don't want it to get lost in the feed, we wouldn't do other stories."

Caroline Szwed
Associate Social Producer, CBC Sports
"The tagging widget on Facebook is such a useful tool. We can choose our preferred audience and it helps naturally boost our posts to people who are more likely to view it and 'like' it without us having to spend any money."
Hear it from the expert:
Tanya Casole-Gouveia
Associate Producer, CBC Sports
Senior Writer, CBC Sports
Hear it from the expert:
"The only thing about Instagram is that you can't post links. You can post links in your bio but nobody's really going to make that effort to go to your bio and find a link. So Instagram is best for just pictures and short captions with a photo credit."
New tool: Social Insight
New tool: Vine stars
Hear it from the expert:
Jacqueline Doorey
Social Reporter, CBC Sports
"There's a fine line between what's a good social moment and what's just pretty good social moments. For example, if something is just an awards ceremony, that's nothing really mind blowing. So you have to be really critical of who your audience is."
"The biggest draw is the younger audience. That's where they are so that's where we'll go. The biggest drawback though is figuring out how to monetize it. Of course, eyeballs on the page will turn into monetization in the future but it would be nice to find a direct way to benefit from it."
Hear from the expert:
Andrea Lee-Greenberg
Senior Digital Producer, CBC Sports
New tool: Snapchat Stories
Allows you to curate a page that shows all of your business’s interactions
This includes all your different Twitter pages (CBC Olympics, Sports, News, etc), your timeline, your mentions, your messages, and users using specific hashtags all shown on one screen
You can also schedule Tweets through Tweetdeck or Buffer so that content is pushed through daily whether you’re logged in or not

This gives users the impression that you’re active at all hours of the day
Allows for prompt replies to users asking questions or engaging in your conversations
Allows for an extension to be added to your browser so that you can Tweet content that is on your native site right from the site and not have to copy a link
Allows you to see who you should be following based on who is most active on all your timelines and often engages in mutual conversations
@ brands and people you’re trying to engage with
Use a conversational, human tone (the same way you would talk)
Use Twitter amplify to boost posts
For more information on Twitter amplify:
Use native photos and videos as much as possible
Vary between plain text, video, and photo posts
Follow relevant business and/or people
ALWAYS Respond to questions or respectful mentions
Use emojis sparingly

Post too often
Use more than three hashtags spread out
Link people to a YouTube video that you could post natively
Mention brands not directly affiliated with your post
Retweet brands or companies that you’re in competition with
Follow inappropriate pages or businesses you’re in competition with
Join comment wars
Like your own posts
Use too many emojis
If you want to make multiple posts about the same event and can’t do this through Instagram, Snapchat stories are the best option
Allows you to vary between photo and video posts that all your followers can see
Acts like a story that you curate with specific content that flows
Allows you to use engaging filters to tell stories
Can allow you to engage in interview-style stories with other influential Snapchat users that mutual followers of both can see
Allows you to save all your posts to view later or post to other platforms
Allows you to draw on photos or place emojis to create more engaging content
Snapchat stories, even if they’re just pictures, work like a slideshow. The pictures change and cycle through even without the user pressing any buttons - it happens automatically. This classifies Snapchat stories as videos, even if only pictures are used. Videos come with a separate set of rules from pictures. Ensure that you have the rights to broadcast videos through Snapchat on private property. For example, no video footage from
inside official Olympic venues
can be broadcast on CBC Sports’ Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter of Facebook.
Post often
Post fun, quirky content
Use filters and emojis sparingly
Tell people to check out full versions of the content on your home site
Vary between video and photo posts
Interact publicly with your followers and/or fans
Create your own personalized filters to be used at appropriate times
Post rarely
Edit snaps to the point where the originality is lost
Use too many emojis or filters
Link directly to your home site - this will do nothing
Only post videos or only post photos
Interact directly with your followers unless you know them
Spend the money or time on a personalized filter that you don’t need
You can pay an already established Vine star to create family friendly content for your business
This shows that your brand is trying to be relevant with certain markets because younger generations will recognize the Vine stars’ faces
Allows your videos to quickly rise to the top of popular pages just because there’s a recognizable face
Is beneficial for reaching niche markets like younger generations
Creates positive relationships between your business/brand and the Vine community
Can be re-shared across multiple platforms
Shows the creativity and originality that your brand/business has

Post too often
Include too much text
Link to your other home sites
Try to teach your audience something — it’s not the medium for smart content
Include vastly different content from video to video — uniformity is key
Go off-brand
Post sparingly (once every two weeks is enough)
Post fun, witty, clever content
Include short captions alongside the appropriate playlist
Include easily-recognizable faces in your Vines — try to stick to the same personalities to maintain uniformity
Maintain your brand
Using analytics, it shows you the best time to post each day based on your followers interests and your post history
Shows you what others are posting and encourages you to post similar content to join a specific conversation
Sorts your followers based on different values like their engagement, their influence and even how often they post so that you can target your Instagram posts accordingly
Shows you the most engaging hashtags and filters to use
Allows you to grow your follower count and limit your unfollower count
Explains how to ameliorate your bio making more viewers stop on your page
Post once or twice a day
Post about separate events
Use filters sparingly
Use engaging action photos
Choose a theme and stick to it
Use short captions with limited hashtags
Tag the photo inside the actual photo
Use limited emojis (up to three)
Use locations to show your users where you’re posting from
Post more than twice a day
Post multiple similar photos from the same event
Use filters that distort original photos or alter their meaning
Photoshop your photos before posting
Stray from your theme
Use more text than is available before having to expand to ‘read more’
Post inappropriately
Post during hours when your followers aren’t active
Tag the photo in your caption or in the comments
Post while drunk — you’ll regret it in the morning
"One of the issues with Snapchat is that you can't measure if it's working or not and so we've used it for athlete takeovers, we've used it to report live from team announcements, etc but other than looking at what people happen to have seen that Snap you just have to try and guage if you have an uptake in fans or followers. There's no real way of saying, 'this was a success, we've reached our key demographic,' you can't measure the engagement with your content."
"It's a way to reach a demographic that we don't think is necessarily reaching us on other social media. We know that Snapchat is so popular with millennials so we know for sure we should be present in that conversation."
"Twitter is where you're going to find breaking news. Because of the chronological-ness of it, it doesn't necessarily matter how much you're Tweeting. More is better than less on Twitter."
"Thumb-stopping pictures are the best. If you don't have a thumb-stopping picture embedded in your Tweet, nobody's going to stop and look at your post."
"Lead people off social media and onto your site by enticing them with photos."
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